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The Rare Goldfish

Have you ever noticed those little goldfish in the bag when you put them into a large aquarium? No matter how large the aquarium or even in a lake or the ocean, they swim in the same small circle and are very easy to catch. As a matter of fact, how predictable do you think some people are. I am not taking all the credit for the creation of this article or the perception of this idea, but, I do notice that it is a genuinely real idea that I am writing about here. For the self-esteem of so many people is that limited where they and their actions are very easy to predict, ascertain and "hook" just like that limited bagged goldfish I started in with.

A real life starts with our consciousness and a genuine intention acted upon. But, do most people have that in their lives? Not really. They follow authorities in fear with genuine fears of success or fears of failure without thinking at all for themselves or taking necessary initiative.

Notice all winners: They have initiative, honesty and take charge of themselves. They do not always work hard and follow through, they have initiative and courage enough to genuinely take charge and become leaders in life and existence.

Speaking of which: Dr. Robert Anthony brought the idea of the little goldfish that swims in a small circle to my attention and a childhood memory came to mind about a goldfish I had in a bag which I put into my sister Kimberly's aquarium. I sat there and watched the fish, and even when I made faces and tapped on the aquarium, it swam in the same circles without even thinking of leaving those circles. Then my sister said: "Leave the fish alone, that is what it is supposed to do." I realized that consciousness is the key to leadership, not blind following until someone from outside "advances you". After all, reality is made by the creators, including God, not the utterly enslaved and following want to be spirits, including the devil. I write of God and the devil as an archetype and in a stereotypically understood way without actual religious connotations, I just wanted to make that clear.

Emerson said: "What is the hardest task in the world? To think."Well, let me modify that a bit. What is hard is to act genuinely independently for the goldfish as well as the "normal person". What makes an extraordinary person is the consciousness combined with the actions that produce results. I could end on a better, more dramatic note. But, I will say this we all have a choice, to swim in a circle or do our genuine thing. What do you want to do really?