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Ten Ways to Free Up the Time You Need To Do More Things You Want

1. Start tomorrow by preparing today

Make a "to-do" list every day. You'll save time by having the tasks you need to do in front of you first thing in the morning so that you can get right to work. Once this habit is in place, you'll find you accomplish more in less time than you did before.

2. Get organized

Don't spend time spinning your wheels searching for things you need. Have a place for everything and everything it its place. Ask for help to get organized if you have limited space, or need to learn how to organize a new area- like a home office.

3. Know your priorities

It's easy to get caught up in low priority tasks that won't help you achieve your goals. (Like a fun new app on your phone). Make the decision about these things early and stick to your plan.

4. Learn to make quick and smarter decisions

Agonizing over things stalls your progress. You'll need to have all the facts first but, once you do, make the decision.

5. Employ snippets of time

Many things can be done in short periods of time. Use a timer or alarm to signal your time to stop so that you don't have to watch the clock.

6. Get off lists

Junk mail is easy to deal with--just toss it. The same is true with junk email and texts. Learn to recognize junk and just toss it. Ask to be removed from lists so that you don't even have to take the time to delete the messages. Ask all telemarketers to put you on the "Do Not Call" list and you'll see a significant reduction of phone interruptions in a very short time. This has worked well for me.

7. Enlist your family and friends

Your family can help you get more time by doing a few more chores for you. Use this extra time wisely or you'll kill the willingness. Offer rewards for thank-yous and incentives. Maybe swap favors with a friend. This will create more time for the family to have more fun together too!

8. Put some stuff on hold or just say no

Learn to say no to requests for your time or, at least, try to postpone the task to a later date. Not only does this free up your time, it also clears your mind to concentrate on your goals. Make sure you say it politely: "I would like to help you, but I'm not available to do that right now."

9. Limit your Internet use

The Internet is an incredible tool but limit your surfing to the sites that will help you achieve specific goals. If you just can't live without random surfing, use that kitchen timer to set some limits. It's OK to play games and use social media- just use wise limits.

10. Turn off the TV more

Eliminating just a few shows a week can hand you several hours that you can use to build your dreams. Make a viewing schedule of your favorites and stick to it and never watch anything that really doesn't hold your attention. Same goes for gaming. Do the things you love; just be mindful of the time you are using.

So there you go- now what are you going to do with your new free time? Family Time? Fun? Hobbies? Home business? Whatever you choose- have fun doing it!