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The Six Basic Human Wants Necessary for Us to Tick

There are a number of technical questions that may never have run through your minds. They are questions that you may wrack your brains without coming to a strong conclusion. Have you ever thought why human beings are very different from each other? Can you be able to explain why a man will find sheer pleasure in murdering a stranger whereas another man sacrifices their own life for another person? Is it possible for you to be able to explain why we have figures such as Nelson Mandela and Charles Manson and what creates such personalities? There must be a certain hidden force that's responsible for driving people's emotions, quality of life together with actions and ultimately their destinies.

Whereas each and every individual is unique in their own scope, all of us have a common functioning as far as our nervous systems are concerned. Together with this, Tony Robbins highlights and explains six fundamental needs which are common in every individual. All the behaviors we see are as a result of individuals trying to meet these six aforementioned needs.

The Six Human Needs

1. Certainty: this is an assurance one gets that they can avoid pain and end up gaining pleasure

2. Uncertainty/Variety: this can be termed as the need for something unknown such as anticipation for new stimuli

3. Significance: one's feeling of uniqueness, special, important and/or needed

4. Connection/Lover: it is a strong bond/feeling of union or rather closeness with an individual, an object or a subject.

5. Growth: this is an expansion to one's capacity, understanding or even capability

6. Contribution: this is the sense of focus, service or contribution to others' success or rather just supporting them.

Our Nervous Systems Encodes this Drive

There are unlimited reasons and means that lead people to meet the above mentioned needs. For instance, among the six human needs or necessities is that desire to be certain that one can avoid pain and end up gaining a much desired pleasure such as comfort. There is a group of persons that feels for them to attain this; they ought to control all those aspects revolving around their lives. On the other side, a different group believes that for them to obtain certainty there is a need for them to give up controlling their lives and subject their entire lives to faith.

Variety is credited for making us to feel alive thus engaged. Significance has much to play in our lives as well. Significance is that belief that your life has its meaning together with an importance attached to it. There are people who believe that for them to get this need, they will have to compete with others or going to the extreme of tearing and destroying those around them. A different class pursues this virtue through a well-connected web with their fellow humanity.

The drive for fulfilling something is the greatest force of life

Everyone needs to have a feeling of life full of meaning. This can only be fulfilled or rather achieved through living by a pattern that focuses on some two spiritual needs namely:

1. The need for continuous growth

2. The need for a meaningful contribution beyond ourselves

All these habits and behaviors that we view as dysfunctional do arise from individual's inability to meeting these needs in consistency. When all our struggles to get to the fulfillment point seem to have failed, we normally settle for comfort or rather a small-scale level of meeting our needs. We also tend to diversify into other things and aspects that support and empower us together with others. A clear comprehension of the six needs above together with the ones you are striving to meet at the moment can be a great guide to the development of new patterns that will be responsible for attainment of a lasting solution.

An Action Plan for Peak Performance

  • Amongst the six needs, which one of them do you cherish or rather value more than the others
  • What are the good as well as bad ways that you can pursue to meet these needs i.e. through your relationship, exercise, dining or working etc?
  • In what ways will you be able to increase your focus and struggle towards growth and contribution? Enumerate the new experiences as well as activities that you feel likely to join to attain fulfillment.