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Controlling Stress Through The Super Conscious Mind

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Sure, we can all hypnotize and control ourselves temporarily through the subconscious mind temporarily. But, if you want a permanent and realistically working technique that works all of the time, use the super conscious mind. This article will not be a definitive treatise on doing this, but rather a primer to get you started on this road to understanding how and why to do this. The super conscious mind is the key to mindfulness. Changing the subconscious is only temporarily redirecting the auto pilot feature on your mind if the super conscious mind is not considered, understood or tapped, I will not say "controlled". I will not say the word "controlled" in this case, because the key to working with the super conscious mind is to tap its power, not control it.

Although, this has some directions on how to use the super conscious mind, I will leave you room to think for yourself and get creative for yourself in using this mode of mind, although I will give definite directions here with bullet points:

  • First, get still and go within, you cannot do anything without doing that in some way. On this, I can only say do the best you can, but still the movements of your conscious and subconscious minds through developed discipline. I know, that is hard at first, but keep at it and you will manage this first step.
  • Second: Visualize deeply what you want, and if you cannot visualize it, think deeply about what you want. I know, this sounds a little crazy, but this is really the sanest thing you can do. I mean, having what you genuinely want will decrease your stress deeply when you think about it, right?
  • Also, finally, you can come out of this state with some actual answers if you genuinely do it right. On this, I give you room to grow through trial and error in a sense.

Realistically, I can only give those three directions as a framework, because beyond all those directions is the possession of a creative, open mind that can genuinely use them fully.

Note: I did not say perfect mind, but I did say "creative and open mind". The creative and open mind needs a framework of sound or good ideas, but not anything rigid, the genuinely creative and open mind can genuinely find its way to its goal and I am so sketchy, because the super conscious is more complex and easy to use than any computer that can be invented by man. After all, the super conscious is the computer invented by God. Think about that deeply. If you need a basic modality to get what I am saying, refer to my article on what to do when you cannot get enough sleep at night.