Manifestation miracle

Start Where You Are and Do Whatever You Do

Traditional farming plants by the season, and the results by harvest is a combination of weather and hard work. There's a time to sow, there's a time to harvest. If it's a cruel winter, the yield will be less. Fortunate temperatures bring abundant crops.

Traditional growth follows assumptive seasons and the results, too, are a combination of luck and hard work. You get good grades, go to the right college, get the right job, marry the right partner. Life may deal you some bad cards, there may be illness, economic downturn, even war. You man up and march through.

If you haven't achieved certain Societal Merit Badges by a specific time, it implied a deficiency of some sort. What's wrong with you, that your résumé looks sparse? Why aren't you married by now? You're the only one in the family that doesn't own a home...

From the perspective of Consciousness, all seasons are growing seasons, and life experiences are valuable harvest. Growth isn't linear and doesn't look a certain way.

This isn't just to say you can start at any time. This is also to say the trappings of success aren't indicators of such as Consciousness.

Consciousness creates this world as a playground, and it doesn't matter where you start or finish. You haven't failed the game if you die young. You haven't succeeded if you're 65 and a captain of industry.

Consciousness doesn't have measurements of success.

Consciousness dives into form for the delight of physical sensations, for the pleasure of interactions amongst other aspects of Consciousness. This isn't a swim meet, unless that's the way you choose to play in the physical. It's family swim, you can splash about in the deep end or the kiddies pool and it's all good.

When we view things from our linear perspective, we think it's bad not to have a long life. As Consciousness, all of this is happening in the blink of an eye, whether you're here for a moment or a century. A spark of the divine gains just as much from a short time in utero, not even being born, as it does by dwelling for decades in the same body.

We're obsessed with manifesting and accumulating mainly because it's also Consciousness's impetus to create in the physical. We want to make stuff, and make stuff happen, and make it happen to our specifications.

The garden of your life may look neatly designed and tended with care, or it may look like a scattered wilderness. You may produce prize winning blooms or really fascinating species of weeds.

As Consciousness, we just love to be here, love to create, love to interact with our creations.

It's a success to just show up and love.