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Message From the Universe: Living Your Adventure!

"Life is purely an adventure into seeing how much bigger one can think.

And therefore love.

Big, big - 
The Universe"

Your imagination is limitless. You can dream as big as you want, as long as you want and as often as you want. However, just dreaming is the easy part. How far are you willing to put these dreams to reality and work on reaching them. Anyone and everyone on planet earth can dream, but not everyone can do anything about putting them out there and creating something absolute. The key is to get out from your dream state and start looking for ways to bring your ideas to life. I know it is difficult and this is the reason why not many can do anything about it. They spend their lives waiting for the right moment, but there is NEVER a right moment for anything. You need to take that leap of faith and jump to the unknown where you can explore opportunities you would have never known about if you didn't take that chance. Do you want to be like everyone else or do you want to be different and create something that EVERYONE wants? I will say that failure should be expected, and many times again. Do not expect to succeed the first time around, or the second time and in some cases, just like Thomas Edison, over 1000 times of trials with followed failures. Are you willing to sustain this mental abuse of failures and keep moving forward? I sure hope you do because it will take as many tries and mistakes to make your dreams a reality. It is said that out of the 7.1 billion of dreamers, only 10% will try to make their dreams a reality and out of this 10%, 97% will abandon after a couple of failures and will end up working for the 3% that went above and beyond trials and errors and disappointments and kept on moving forward. How about being among that 3%?

You will face ups and downs in your life, and this is what it is called a journey or adventure. You will make it big and possibly lose big as well. Ideally, I would suggest that even when you make it big, continue living as you did when you were small and starting up. I agree that you would be eager to get your hands on the new Bugatti Veyron or other exotic cars offered in the market. However, assets wouldn't make you happier than your actual accomplishment. Just the fact that you can AFFORD these vehicles should be enough satisfaction in my regards. Keep on living simple. just like what Buffet does. His fortune is evaluated at 67 billion dollars but still lives in his modest home and driving ONE simple vehicle. As rich as he is, he can afford anything he wants. Do what the successful people do, they must be right with something.!&id=9437614