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The Sounds of Approaching Change In Our Life

A lot of emotion accompanies the winds of change blowing into our lives; typically at least a twinge of fear. We are never quite sure what is coming when change is on the horizon; fear is our natural response to change. How do we know when the wind of change is blowing our way? Change arrives through the movement of energy, powerful energy. Energy has sound; learning to recognize the sounds that accompany change will remove the trepidation of the unknown.

You can hear energy? Is that true? Yes! Think it's not possible for you? Think again. Imagine having a problem with your car's engine. You don't know engines so the cause is an unknown. As you pull into the shop where a trained mechanic is guiding you it is common for them to immediately identify the problem; they can hear the change in the function of the engine. The noise was always there but you didn't know what it meant; only that something has changed. Had you known to listen for a particular sound and what it meant, the cause would not have been elusive or surprising to you. The same is true with the movement of energy. We can hear and identify it, with a little training. You need to know what the sounds mean!

Love and joyful changes have a lighthearted energy as it enters our lives. You may suddenly be drawn to or notice harmonious chimes, tinkling bells, birds singing or other lighthearted sounds. Your attention is drawn to the sounds. You may also wake you feeling light on your feet and be able to accomplish things in record time. Good change is in the wind.

Children entering your life frequently bring the sounds of laughter. You may suddenly notice other people laughing around you or children's laughter as they play, your attention may be drawn to commercials that feature the sounds of babies and you find yourself really attracted to them.

New pets on your horizon almost always arrive after you suddenly notice pet stores, humane shelters, and advertisements to support animals and even commercials that feature animals. They feel warm and fuzzy to you; you remember the sounds of their communications.

As a new job opportunity is approaching you may find yourself drawn to different interests in the business world. You may suddenly notice the sounds of the equipment that is essential to that industry. Your attention is also diverted to the dress codes, benefits and pitfalls in that industry. Every business has sounds that are particular to it. Your attention may be suddenly riveted to those businesses and their sounds. Pay attention!

Talk, gossip and even scandal is approaching through the sounds of water. You may even dream of flooding around you. Your attention is drawn to rivers and muddy bodies of water leaving you with a shiver you can't really account for. You are suddenly more aware of the sounds of moving water.

A breakup in a relationship arrives through the sounds of sadness. You can hear the sadness around you. Your attention is fixated on things that are sad and the sounds that accompany them, particularly in songs that you hear. You pay more attention to the sad songs, breaking up songs and the leaving songs for no particular reason.

Hard changes that will affect your life for a long time are accompanied by heavy, slow moving sounds. You may suddenly notice the sounds of trains or large trucks stopping, bass drums in music may suddenly seem louder; movies that feature the heavy sounds of ancient deep noises may attract your attention.

Serious illness is accompanied by silence. Your body is a form of energy. Tune in and you can hear your own moods; they are light, harried, soft, tired, content... there are a multitude of emotions that you have lived with and grown accustomed to. Serious illnesses also bring a sense of impending doom for no apparent reason. If you tune in and hear silence seek medical care.

All big change is on our horizon before it actually arrives in our life. At a much higher level, we are aware of the impending change. That same higher consciousness is directing our attention to the sounds of the change that is approaching. Train yourself to listen to the sounds that suddenly catch your attention; what emotion comes to mind immediately when you hear them? That is the change that is approaching.