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Sky Shouldn't Be The Limit

As children we have lots of dreams, becoming pilots, lawyers, rich and famous and even astronauts. But as our days and months turn into years and life happens we suddenly lose touch of our dreams, even worse we stop dreaming altogether.

After personal experience and watching people around me I have come to discover some truths, some of which I wish to share with you, hoping that you would reap the benefits.

Don't Be Afraid To Dream

Why are we afraid to dream? Why are we conditioned and brought up to be in a society that fights progression and stand in the way of dreams? As adults we put a bar on our dreams, we limit ourselves to what we could reach and confine our dreams to walls and ceilings not to outgrow the normal accepted standards. But I tell you even as adults' dreams should live on, and shouldn't be confined to what is possible and what is not. If you can dream it, then you can believe it, then you can find a way to achieve it. Don't stop dreaming and don't limit your dreams.

You Are Your Worst Enemy

So you have a dream you wish to make it a reality, but instead you let the demons in your head get to you first. The could I's, the what if's, the there are many out there like me, why would I be successful? I will tell you just STOP! Stop these negative thoughts and stop beating yourself down. If you have a dream and a passion to do something, it doesn't matter if a thousand or even million others are doing it before you, that shouldn't stop your drive to follow your own path and give it a try. You might feel scared, you might not know where to start, but with the right planning, organization and research you can build a foundation to put you on the right path to work on your dream. Just stop self-sabotaging yourself and believe that you too can do it, and even do it better than others!

Shut Out Negative Voices

When you share your passion and desires with others, wanting to spread your wings and fly, most likely you will hear many telling you "don't do it, why do it? You will waste your time for nothing?" Don't blame these people for saying so as they too were conditioned like you, not to believe in pursuing dreams, and are afraid of the unknown, and God forbid that you might actually succeed and leave them behind. When people bombard you with let-downs, walk away, don't listen and most important don't take it personally, it is not a measure of your capabilities it is a measure of their lack of confidence and fear. Instead use those negative comments to feed your desire for success even more and push you even further towards your goal. Instead find the people who support you and believe in you and pick you up when you fall down.

I Will Need An Arm And A Leg

Another thing that might be stopping you from working on your dream is finances. So you don't have the cash. Well sure that can put a damper on any project, but the truth is to start your own business you don't need that much initially. You could start at home and use social media platforms to help promote your product or business and with profit you make you can put back in your work and slowly grow. Don't think to be a millionaire you have to start out like one and don't forget that most successful entrepreneurs started from home.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The best advice is to do your best. Work with all your heart and soul; don't get lazy because you are not getting a salary at the end of the month. Learn to discipline yourself in setting goals, targets, deadlines and stick to them. Work ethically and work hard, eventually you will see the fruit of your efforts.

Patience is Virtue

Perseverance is key to success. Even if you get rejections, even if you don't succeed at first, keep at it. If you believe in something and you put the work into it, then no matter what, you will eventually taste the sweetness of success even if it is something as self-satisfaction and gratification for trying. It will not happen overnight, and you will get moments of doubt, and feel it is easier to give up. But don't! You will never regret working hard but surely you will regret not trying your best and giving up too soon. Success takes time, so be patient it will be worth it in the end.

Enjoy The Ride

You do realize this is Your Dream we are talking about? And you are the one trying to make it come true, so there is no sense in pushing yourself to the point you lose sight to why you started in the first place. Learn to enjoy your journey. Every moment good or bad, is an opportunity to learn and grow, so might as well have fun doing it, in the end you are making memories to keep for life and things to look back on and smile not cringe.

And as Richard Branson once said, "A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts." So I say don't be afraid to dream.