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Just Because Something Isn't Wrong Doesn't Make It Right

Wrong - incorrect, mistaken, in error, erroneous, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise.

Right - just, fair, proper, good, upright, righteous, virtuous, moral, ethical.

Now that we have that out of the way let's dig a little deeper into the concepts of right and wrong and how we approach each choice.

There are several ways to look at right and wrong - in relationships, careers, money, friends, activities etc. Let's look at just three;

Careers - So, you have a job offer and it meets all of your criteria - benefits, salary, requirements, roles, expectations etc. but for some internal reason it just doesn't feel right. You consider - I could do worse or what's the worst that could happen - I can handle that. But, again for some reason which you can't explain it just doesn't feel right. So, what do you do - take the offer or wait for something better?

Accepting it would by all appearances not seem wrong but is it right? That's the question.

Or, you are being offered a promotion but it will require moving yourself and or your family to a new state and starting over. Yes, the position and salary increase are what you have always wanted and felt you deserve but again, something inside you has you questioning this offer. You can't put your finger on it as it seems right on the surface but then again what are the direct and indirect short and long term consequences on your family, friends etc.? And are they worth it? So many questions. So much to consider.

Let me ask you in hindsight have you ever made a choice or decision that you thought was right given what you knew at the time and it turned out poorly? Welcome to the club. And by the way - if you haven't sooner or later you will.

Relationships - So you just met Mr. or Ms. perfect, right or just what you have been looking for your entire life and you decide to throw yourself into the relationship 100% but over time you realized that there were signs or early signals that you overlooked that now are becoming deal breakers. Okay - there are millions of single people in the US and the chances are that you can or will ever meet 1% of them is unlikely so when you feel you have found your one and true Soul Mate you are all in. Be careful - could there possibly be just a few others out there who might or could be right or better?

Again, let me ask you in hindsight have you ever made a poor relationship choice and realized it long after you had invested a great deal of time, energy, commitment and even resources? Welcome to the same club folks

How about life in general - I could go on for pages about the numerous poor choices, decisions etc. I have made during my life journey but I won't bore you as I'm not looking for your pity. Let me just say that sooner or later we all make decisions and choices we think are good because they are not wrong but this doesn't make them right. The answer is simple make the choice and do whatever you can to make it the right choice and if that is not possible - walk away.