Manifestation miracle

The Dance of Dreamers

Do you believe in magic? Dreamers do. They are a special breed of people, human transformers if one looks closely. Dreamers never have to think outside the box; they don't understand that concept. They exist in a world they are free to dance through, unrestrained. How do you know they exist? Just look around you; every idea that became a concept and then a creation began with the dreamer who saw more than the eye can see. Dreamers see what can be.

They are essential to our lives, these creative giants. It was a dreamer who imagined that a fire that lights the path could cook the food, that caves could become homes, that dying trees could become wheels and wagons, wax from bees could bring sustaining light and even that wild berries could transform cheeks and lips to something dramatic and desirable! They have been a part of humanity since time began. They are how our world became a better place.

How can you tell if a dreamer is among you? They leave things behind, like great ideas. They instinctively see what can be without realizing that not everyone does. While some may spend hours mulling a problem, seeking a solution; the dreamers saunter in and instantly drops the solution never imagining that others didn't see it. They exist in a space that is not necessarily restricted, just beyond where others have dared to venture. They are full of surprises, love to laugh and find or create beauty routinely. Even an overgrown garden holds the potential for wildflowers to roam freely and create beauty. They don't understand no and cannot imagine impossible. No means 'not that way,' impossible means opportunity. This is the dance of the dreamers.

Dreamers typically wake up to the spiritual experience that life really is earlier than their counterparts, likely because they understand that it takes far more than two hands and a free spirit to transform the world they exist in. They are creative souls who openly embrace a spiritual existence. They believe freely and are rewarded with results fairly quickly. That has to be magic! Where else could that originate from than the Creator himself?

Even though you may find them quirky at times, thank goodness we were blessed with the dreamers among us! They inspire us to go farther and encourage us to see the best that we can be; they are our eyes when we cannot see because they give us hope when we can't believe.