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How To Strengthen A Relationship

Don't ask on how to prolong the relationship, instead, find means to strengthen it.

Strengthening differs from prolonging. To prolong means stretching the duration of something while to strengthen means to reinforce. Frankly, lengthening is not a real solution. You are merely patching the wound without the intention of healing it. If you feel that it's no longer working between the two of you, do not look for an artificial cure. Seek encouragement and not a meaningless extension of agony for your love connection.

Loving someone is definitely not a walk in the park. If you are in it just for the joy and glory of it, sooner or later the relationship you have now is bound to fall apart. In love, you are never "always" happy, sometimes you have to shed those tears and experience excruciating heartbreaks. Never prolong a relationship. If that is your way of thinking, your moments together will be monotonous instead of dynamic. Focus on the things that build the foundation of your love like these 5 tips.

1. Don't give 100% of yourself

Contrary to what other people believe in, giving your all is one of the major reasons why a relationship dwindles. You have to maintain a sense of balance and leave something for yourself. Not all commitments are bound to end in a "happily n' ever after", sometimes you are cheated and left crushed down to the core. At least, when you leave even just a small portion for yourself, you have something to get back on your feet. Use that remaining part of you to pull yourself up from breakdown.

2. Put "trust" at the center

Trust should be the center of your love. A relationship built on trust can withstand any test of time. Patience, understanding, and honesty will follow when you place confidence in your partner. In a relationship, you don't have to take the freedom from your loved one. It's okay to be jealous but don't let it reach the point wherein you are already making him feel imprisoned. Never control each other, allow him to love you out of his own free will.

3. Consistently work for it

To love is like planting a seed. You don't just simply bury it into the ground and let it grow by itself, doing that will only conclude death. You have to take care of it, cultivate, in order for it to prosper. If you used to send lovely bouquets, why should you stop doing so when you are now closer than ever? Buy flowers online, show her you still care, and continue that loving gesture. The moment you stop making efforts for the other is when a relationship starts to wither. To love is to struggle daily for the person you love.

4. Be prepared for the consequences

Who says loving someone is always a joyous ride? If you just want a happy and fun relationship then you must be daydreaming. There will always be ups and downs, fights and reconciliations. Before committing to a relationship, make sure you are willing to face its consequences. If both of you don't have the same values and principles, are you ready to compromise? Position your mind to accept everything that you have to deal with once you enter into a relationship.

5. Be willing to sacrifice

There will be instances wherein you have to give up something for the sake of the other person. Are you ready to sacrifice for the happiness of the other? Your willingness to sacrifice reflects how much you value the person. To love is giving without expecting a benefit. But as what I've mentioned in number one, there should be a limit. Everything excessive is always harmful. You are in a relationship in order to help each other grow and definitely not to slowly destroy your well-being.

These tips will never guarantee a happy and strong relationship. It takes a responsible man and woman to acknowledge their mistakes and learn to reconcile. If you truly love the person, the relationship would always be more important than personal gains. As long as you choose to never give up on each other, soon you will discover how to make things work between the two of you.