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Let It Rock, Life Goes On

You've probably heard it, the little ditty about two kids who grow up in America's Heartland. It chides that life goes on even after the thrill of living is gone. I love that song. It rocks, but every time I hear that chorus, I shake my head. I believe the lyricist has things mixed up. Other songsters croon about stopping to smell the roses; loving old pick-up trucks, and kissing an angel good morning. Are these not some of the thrills of life?

There is a thrill every time I watch the sun rise over a distant hillside, all orange and golden with the raiment of autumn beauty. There is another thrill in witnessing that same sun sink slowly below those hills, casting its' sultry shadows to inspire feral abandonment.

Don't negate the thrill of the seasons changing, blending into each other year after year. Holidays mark the passing of time with annual traditions, thrilling us with fireworks, celebrations, decorations, and gifts given and received.

My eyes tear up and my heart thrills wildly under my hand watching solemnly as uniformed veterans step to the beat of a marching band. They bear the old glorious flag they defended against tyranny and terrorism and my face echoes the pride in theirs.

There is a thrill in gaining an education, learning a new fact, mastering a Mozart concerto, and writing a poem. Many people feel a thrill of pride in doing a job well and seeing it through to completion.

Meeting the man or woman of your dreams and sharing that first shy kiss. Realizing you love that person and they love you back and taking that relationship to new levels can send you into thrilling ecstasy.

I have had the unequalled thrill of giving birth, of crying along with those first lusty squalls and silencing them with the innate instinct of suckling a hungry mouth at my breast. I watched that child discover the world around her, crawl, walk, and then run. I have been baffled at endless questions, first days of school, Junior High, puppy love, driving permits, prom, and graduation. Parenthood is a thrill coupled with exquisite joy and stark terror all in one.

There are subtler thrills in every day comforts such as that first cup of hot coffee in the morning, or the Sunday comic that has you chuckling in delight. A dip in a clear sparkling lake on a hot day, the lush heady perfume of Springtime, the taste of melted chocolate and toasty marshmallows between graham crackers, are all thrilling, as is a good night's sleep snuggled under fresh crisp sheets.

So, Mr. Songwriter, stop the lament of a life without thrills. There are thrills all around you if you look for them. They are as brazen as bouncing at the end of a giant rubber band over a raging river, or as humble as a field, bright yellow with buttercups. You have it all backward. Life goes on yes, and so do the thrills. Stop and smell the roses, love those old pick-up trucks, and kiss an angel good morning.

Life is a never-ending thrill. Thrills will endure as long as life itself continues, and trying to predict when life will end has been a thrilling challenge since it first began.

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