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There's Always a Reason

It's been said, over and over again, that there is a reason for everything. Any doubt towards this can be quickly subdued with a quick reflection upon the life that is behind us. The paths that we take, while they may seem to have footprints trampled ahead of us, the reality is, every footprint from a forward step falls on virgin soils.

We may have shared similar experiences, sometimes many, but we have never shared every experience together. So, I ask, what brings you here? Where have your footprints been left? I am eager to hear about your journey and learn why we are crossing paths today, but as I wait to indulge in your fascinating adventure, I will tell you the REASON I am here... today... persevering.

I see a need in this world, a need for trusted guidance, support, motivation, and camaraderie. To hold in a passion to mentor, train, instruct, motivate, and inspire others, without using it to fulfill and enrich the lives of others, seems to be a waste to me. It needs to be freed... it needs to be used... it needs to foster miracles in the souls of those who have given up hope. Those who no longer believe. Those who doubt the chance so much that no amount of effort will be spent pursuing the dream.

This world is full of struggles, trials, and tribulations. This world is filled with strong, tough, determined, and mighty people. Of the 7.4 billion people walking this Earth today, every single one of us has those qualities. The problem is... the power to exert these qualities are retarded by the beliefs and mindsets we possess within our heads.

The reason I am here is to empower. To nurture the strength, the toughness, the determination, and the might out of you. The empowerment to live your life to the fullest; to accomplish feats and experience feelings you never believed possible. You are strong. Just believe it. Your are tough... believe that, too. Determined? Yep... you're that too, that's why our footprints are coming closer together. You are mighty and you are the REASON I am here today.

Let's go for this walk together. Hand in hand. Eye to eye. Heart to heart. Let my words, my actions, my knowledge help you grow. We have to start somewhere... and we are going to start with YOU. Do you think mental, emotional, and physical health and fitness is too far out of reach? Are you struggling (again!) to battle obesity? Is your mind hindering your ability to live a long and healthy life? Do you want the "old you" back again? You can have it. We all just need some help and guidance every now and then.

Does getting help to work on "me" mean I'm weak? Does it mean I am missing the willpower and esteem to make these changes on my own? Nope. The fact you are willing to do something about it, sacrifice control over your inabilities and uncertainties shows your true strength... your own passion and desire.

Now... look over there. Do you see that fresh, undisturbed path of fresh soil... let's make footprints in it.

In the competition of responsibilities in life, we tend to forget about what is most important to our health... us. In a world of confusion and chaos, it can be a lonely journey to optimize your health journey. We can do it together and persevere.