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Message From the Universe: Exercise Your Rights to Be Happy!

"The greatest gift a parent can give a child is the ability to become independently happy.

And the greatest gift a child can give a parent is exercising that ability.

The Universe"

Is it too much to ask? You exercise your right to votes, to carry a firearm, to speak, and basically everything else this wonderful country has to offer. However, the ONE thing that people fail to ask on a daily basis is happiness. Now, the ONLY person you can ask for happiness is yourself and NO one else. You have the right to choose to be happy or not. You can also feel happy depending on your circumstances, but then again, it should be irrelevant. Your happiness should come from within, and not from what external elements are conditioning your level of happiness. You should be happy to be alive, breathing, walking, talking, laughing, crying, eating, driving, and whatever else you do every day. Be grateful for what you have and never feel entitled. What you have today can be gone tomorrow. Always remember that.

We live in a society where expecting things to come our way is the norm. It is something as obvious as breathing. As you can see though, it doesn't happen like that all the time. It is true that things follow your thoughts you created from within, but it always requires you to humble yourself for the great things you already have. Don't expect anything to come your way just because you put the work into it. You may work your butt off for months for a project or a venture, but the outcome may not be what you anticipated. The outcome is anger, frustration and depression. Your mood comes spiraling down to the abyss of sadness. Your thoughts change in nature, you feel like what's the point of working so hard at something and not being compensated for it. What you need to understand is that everything you start, such as project or venture is something that many didn't have the courage to do in the first place. You are already on your way to success because of the steps that you took towards your goal. You need to focus more on what you've done versus how you failed. The word fail shouldn't be taken negatively as F.A.I.L (first attempt in learning) is beneficial to you in many ways. You learn NOT to repeat the same mistakes and figure out what went wrong. That is how life works. You are sometimes very close to success and you don't even know it. Million of people gave up on their dreams right before hitting it big. It is not uncommon at all to see that happening every day. Just when you feel that all is lost, that no sign of success is possible, push a bit further. You would be amazed with the outcome.!&id=9426103