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Living Your Routine or Breaking Out From Your Comfort Zone?

When we encounter an old friend or acquaintance and ask them "how have you been?", the most common answer we get is something between "just fine!" and "same routine different day". I am not against the phrase "I am fine". It is the most ingenious phrase the human kind has ever made. You know why? Because when you are fine, you are done with yourself, there is no progress. No progress is viable when things are "fine".

Did you ever consider that your responses and generally your verbal or non-verbal communication with the rest of the world projects a "vivid" tone of mediocrity? Or have you noticed from the depths of your consciousness that you are suppressing your true goals and keep telling yourself phrases like:

"I am good where I am, I don't need to go any farther... I just don't feel like it. I am sure that if my emotions are telling me not to do it, that means something"

There a substantial reason why your emotions are not telling you to try new experiences. Human beings are creatures of habit. Having said that, overcoming a habit that doesn't align with our true purpose, stands as an extremely difficult task. To our DNA change equals danger. As a result when your brain notices a change to your daily routine, he generates doubtful feelings that get in the way and sabotage you.

I have no purpose of undermining the importance of fear and his contribution to our survival. But there are times when you have to ignore your feelings in order to move forward and improve your life the way you want to.Fear is a primeval emotion with deep and uncontrollable stimuli. It is associated with a group of neurons in the brain called Amygdala, a relic of the primitive brain. It is linked with emotional intelligence and emotional reactions, with memory and instinctive functions.Parents try to manipulate their children using fear as their "weapon" when in fact they just transform it into a "weapon of destruction."It is true that there are times when fear overwhelms us and others that we try to make sure that we have buried it inwardly.

As Elliott Hulse says the warrior inside you must take action. Give your routine a purpose that comes from the heart. Build several habits that you enjoy during the day. The more you live with a purpose the less unsolved life problems will seem more manageable. Furthermore people will turn against you, trying to suppress you in order to force you back in your "routine".

In the end what counts is what you choose... Living your "routine" or break your comfort zone? You are responsible for your actions.

Pick wisely.