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Turn Failure to Fortune

How many stories do you hear during the day of someone who failed at doing this, or they failed at doing that? Even greater than that, how many times do you hear about failure during the course of a lifetime? Some marvel over the failure of other people, and they can be adamant about a person's flaws or shortcomings.

But, what if the person who failed could reach above and beyond to something higher than a letdown? You, in your own life and endeavors, may have experienced setbacks and things that may not put you up to par. Failure is not a good feeling, and if you buy into it too long it can burden you down and push you away.

You can live above failure in your own life. Whether that failure is in business, the workplace, relationships, ideas, or what have you, you can live above failure. You as an individual can turn the failure that you encounter into fortunes. Now, when I use the word "fortune" someone may relay that word to thinking I'm talking about a lump sum of money. To me, fortune is in connection with success.

Success, I believe, is something that every individual desires to have. Success can empower you and make you feel alive inside, so to speak. It is possible to turn failure to fortune. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Charles Darrow, and Walt Disney are just a few of the people who turned failure to fortune. Read behind them and the story that they lived through.

This relates to you too. It doesn't matter what it is that you may have experienced failure in. You can turn anything that's on the downhill slide upward and raise the bar. You have a unique way of soaring in that career, business, or whatever field it may be. Yes, you can take that failure and look it in the face and turn it into fortune.

Fortune can also be a form of empowerment. You have to be empowered to overcome failure and to see success. Success doesn't mean that you have to be some big wonder. An empowerment is an enablement to succeed. As I said before, fortune to me means success, and every person can succeed.

Fortune can be anything you attribute to success. It doesn't have to be the lottery, or some fairy tale adventure to be considered fortune. Fortune is available for you when you build up the momentum to go toe to toe with failure.