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The Art Of Worrying

The Art Of Worrying is a comprehensive training on chronic worrying, when this takes too much space and becomes an uncomfortable habit. It's based on accurate studies, and widely shared to make this information available to anyone needing support. It reminds to each of us how to behave and deal with this time, energy, and life-killing attitude when it surfaces in all its splendour on the screen of our consciousness. What it conveys is subsequently aimed at all people, men and women, possessed by the demon of chronic worrying.

The Art describes the preparations required, different perspectives, and viewpoints before we can solve our chronic worrying, and why it's surely better to take steps to be able to manage it at will. Inviting us to live in the present - avoiding focusing on thoughts that center on past events, and likely future, or on what could have been or happened, since they are part of a virtual and partial reality -, it explores different techniques, to put an end to worrying, which are the same that allow us to activate it when we need it, or are pleased to recite it, to eventually get to the meditative lifestyle, focused on the now, absent of thoughts in general and full of everything.

Most of us are worried. There's a constant stream of worrying flowing below the conscious level of our mind that keeps us in a continuous state of tension. It is a subtle energy, crept between our synapses, which feed on excitement and apprehension. Worrying is a pest, the nuisance of our time, culture and civilization. It symbolizes all the things we can do, we would like to do, and we do not know if we'll be ever able of doing. It is the probable, the future, the hypothetical, and uncompleted. It is time that is never enough, strength that is never enough, help that never comes, and resources that are never adequate. It is the clock of our being that keeps on ticking the countdown of our soul, buried under multiple layers of worry.

It is the weapon of the Gods, the instrument with which they keep us subjugated within the boundaries that we, ourselves, drew first around us. Boundaries that we can overcome and break at any time, because they do not belong to our essential nature which is unlimited space, absolute abundance, and infinite capacity to create and build everything that our mind synthesizes from the universal impulse. Our ultimate reality is quietness, mastering, and observing the surface ripples from the oceanic depths of the self, and seeing them as a festive excitement, bubbling young and carefree, where the pure joy of living blends with the universal magnificence that is joyously in us and around us and through us manifests its boundless possibilities of existing.

The Art Of Worrying helps us in and out of all this, and reminding that we're complete entities, and perfectly able to determine our own destiny, gives us a push to jump in what we already are, for the simple reason that our presence is not questionable.

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