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Live With Passion

Stop defining yourself on things that don't coincide with your potential. Your greatness lies ahead because you possess seeds of greatness. Water your seeds with proper decisions and relentless pursuit of achievements and goals. How does one live like this? It's very simple... they live passionately and without regrets.

When making any decisions in life, it's imperative that we consider the ultimate outcome. How will this affect me? How will this affect others in my immediate life? How will this affect our lives in the future? These and other questions will and do surface for the thinking individual. Thinking is the key.

When I look back on my adult life, I'm blessed to know that I can share a precious moment that defines this particular article. My mother's passing is precisely a moment that brings "living without regrets" to mind. I was there holding her hand during her last breath. I never took her time, presence, or life for granted. I always thought about how important it was to do things for her, honor her, respect her, and love her unconditionally at all times. This is life. This is passion. Her life was one that involved living with passion. She was always willing to assist others and seemed to love everyone she met. Oftentimes, others who met her and co-existed on a personal level discovered blessings from her. Her heart was big. She lived life as if there was no tomorrow... always catering to and serving others as our God would have us to do. Sacrificing for others was a strong philosophy that she lived by and will be forever remembered. That was living with passion.

It's always important to think many of life's events through prior to engaging in the activities we have the freedom to engage in. This allows us to make better decisions that create more preferable outcomes. As we learn to do this, we learn that life is something that involves regrets, joy, sadness, passion, and lack of passion. If you and I never take certain things and certain people for granted, we learn to live with those without regrets. Life is precious and fleeting. As humans, we sometimes forget that. It seems to be a serious flaw in our character. However, we cherish certain things and certain people to a certain degree. Unfortunately, some people fail to cherish. Therefore, they learn that their loss of such makes it difficult for them to swallow the outcome. The opposite of this is passion and living without regrets. Take nothing or no one for granted. Live with passion!