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How Leaders Get To That FINAL Step?

We all realize it is essential for a leader to begin, because unless, and until he does, he has no chance of achieving. However, although many do begin, there is a wide variation of results, and the degree one advances, along the way! What skills, abilities, assets, attitudes, personal drive, persistence, etc, are needed, to really be a leader? How does someone use these, in a realistic, useful, usable way, in order to get where he wants to go? While many realize they must take a variety of actions, someone hesitate because these are outside of their personal, comfort zone! Still, others appear unready or unprepared to bring even the highest quality plans, to fruition. Let's examine what leaders must do, to get to that FINAL step.

1. Facts; freedom; findings; feelings: Begin by differentiating mere, unsubstantiated feelings (conjecture) from actual facts. What makes something a fact, as opposed to an opinion? How to check it out? What is your fact-finding process, and is it a thorough one, you can depend upon? Are you a free-thinker, who believes in maximizing others' freedoms, in order to best serve one's constituents? After you review something, how confident are you in your findings?

2. Intuition; ideas; intentions: One of the most popular, sage, television characters, is Leon Jethro Gibbs, the star of NCIS. There are numerous mentions of Gibbs' famous gut, and how he intuitively gets a feeling, which is nearly always correct. Are you able to trust your gut, and do have a reason to feel that way? Are you ideas-based, or merely satisfied in avoiding, rocking the boat? Are your intentions pure, and do you put service first? Are you willing to take a stand,for what you believe?

3. Needs; never say never: Do you pay close attention to the needs, priorities, and concerns, of those you serve? Will you persist, or give into pressures, obstacles, and perceived challenges? Are you willing to continue to try, tweak your approaches, and persist, when most others give up, give in, or quit? Do you have a never-say-never, positive attitude?

4. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Only when one enhances his aptitude, by doing all he can, including training, learning, and gaining meaningful experience, will he gain the expertise, judgment and wisdom, to make the wisest decisions. When you combine these with a true, positive attitude, one's abilities exponentially increase! The missing link is doing so, while paying keen attention to needs, heritage, mission, and long-term sustainability, and relevance.

5. Listen; learn; logic: Will you not only hear, but effectively listen? Will you learn from what others are saying, and differentiate between empty rhetoric, blaming/complaining, and needs and priorities? Will you be capable of using true logic, so as to make a meaningful difference, for the better?

A leader must be willing to start, but nothing gets done, until he proceeds forward to that FINAL step. Are you ready, willing and able, to take that leap?