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The Importance of Leading by Example

How do you impact your followers in a positive light continuously? You allow them to view you in a constant positive light at all times. A good leader walks as he or she talks. This is leading by example. Without leading by example one can greatly diminish their leadership vision. Followers need to see you exuding what you have instilled in them. They need to see you practice what you preach. Leadership can be summed up into three categories; influence, inspiration and motivation. Below I will go into detail regarding these categories and how they help a leader to lead by example.

Leading is measured by one's influence. It's of importance to set high goals for those who you are leading. This allows them to see room for growth under your leadership. It also affords you the opportunity to model the expected qualities and behavior that will help  reach the goals that have been set forth. Here is where you influence them by your hard work and dedication. Your constant poise and respect for everyone around you. Your actions are being watched at all times-and what you allow your followers to see affects how they behave significantly.

Inspiration and motivation ignite fire within individuals like nothing else. It allows a leader to have a baton to pass from follower to follower to reach the common finish line. If your followers have no fire it can be because they see no fire in their leader. A leader has to set an example of inspiration and motivation that sparks others to want to be on board, and work at their top potential. Inspiration and motivation goes past just pep talks, it goes forth in behavior. A leader has to inspire and motivate others via their personal behavior. Their personal behavior sets the tone for the appropriate energy which all followers need to exude. Inspiration and motivation are the key elements to get others going in a positive light, and as a leader that light starts with you.

Leading by example allows you to continuously impact your followers in a positive light. How you behave can either help your vision as a leader or diminish it negatively. The example you set molds the type of followers you have behind you. Many are looking to you for inspiration and motivation to be all they can be. This helps to stress the importance of always modeling the expected qualities and behaviors.