Manifestation miracle

All Done by Kindness

Advit, a 6 year old boy, went to school with his father every day. On his way he saw an old man in tattered clothes, sitting in a corner, half asleep. One day he asked his father, "Dad, Who is he? Why doesn't he go to his home"?

His father replied, "Son, he is a man who does not have enough money to buy good clothes, or live in his own house. So, he lives there". Son replied "But daddy, that is a pedestrian path".

Next day, while passing from there, he got down the car and went to the old man. "Daddu" said Advit and opened his lunch box. The old man looked up with his eyes swollen and wet. For the first time someone had called the old man Daddu. Tears of happiness rolled down Daddu's wrinkled face.

Advit smiled, hugged Daddu and gave him the rose he had.

The old man brimmed with emotions. Advit's affectionate gesture brought cheerfulness and positivity to the many that stood there. Such is the power of kindness.

Kindness is when you treat people gently with love, affection, and care. It is something that comes from within. It is not a thing to be mastered but if you are kind, if you have the benevolence within, the feeling is striking.

An act of kindness cannot be defined; an act of kindness is shown!

A sneak peek into a few kind gestures:

1. Say good morning to the person standing next to you in the elevator. 
2. Give surprises - It's a Mother's day or a father's day, gift them something. Nothing can make you happier than an unexpected gift or a gesture. 
3. Do some Charity - there are kids, old people, youngsters battling with some serious illnesses, going through tough times- help them. Donate your stuff. 
4. Give compliments- somebody has done his task tremendously well. Congratulate him. Give him a pat. Praise him. 
5. Say 'awesome!' - She dressed up nicely to go out with you. You say "you look good". No! Say awesome instead. Give them cards, hug them, buy gifts for them, and send some flowers. 
6. Always say Please, Sorry and Thank You - be polite while talking. When you say sorry, mean it. Don't order anyone. If you want someone's help, always request. Thank people for helping, how so ever minor the help be. 
7. Listen, don't interrupt- do not underestimate the power of listening. People do not always need a solution. At times they just need you to listen to them. Let them do the talking. Listen patiently. 
8. Salute the brave - that little kid saved you from a cockroach, acknowledge it. Salute him for his bravery. 
9. Stop for the pedestrian to cross the road. 
10. Give way to ambulance. 
11. Help the old lady carrying groceries. Hold the bag for her. Help her climb the stairs. 
12. Express - Say I love you to someone you love. Say that you care. 
13. Offer your seat to the needy. 
14. Take pains- don't buy a card for your friend's birthday, make one yourself instead. It might be the cheapest gift but it'll be the most treasured one. 
15. Teach the underprivileged - a lot many people do not have access to education. Spread the knowledge, teach them for free. 
16. Aid the wounded animal. Take him to a vet. 
17. Smile at a stranger or say hello. May be he is having a bad day and your smile can be a healer.Yes, smile a lot, it costs nothing. 
18. Spread positivity- help the person stay positive by motivating and encouraging him. Tell him how you failed and then pulled back stories. 
19. Help the differently able.

And it's a never ending list.

We barely notice the smaller things in life. Make people feel loved, be kind to them, help them and take pleasure in a healthier living. Your little gestures can make someone's day. Your smile can set all their problems to rest. Remember, at the end of the day pen down things you have done to make others happy. Keep a track of your good deeds. This will make you merrier.

There is a popular saying "What goes around comes around". Be kind to people, spread kindness, it'll definitely come back to you.

"Kindness is the language which even a deaf can hear and the blind can see".

What can be more powerful then? Let kindness do the talking! Be known for your kindness.