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Change the Metaphors You Use and Change Your Life

Do we really use the gift of language as well as it could be used? I have been reading about our use of metaphors and how we adopt them and use them without thinking about their effect. How often have you thought "life is a battle when struggling with something, or perhaps somebody as "a pain in the neck". Try next time to find a more uplifting metaphor: how about "an opportunity".

Try changing your choice of metaphors in all areas of your life; how you think of, or speak of your children, your work colleagues, your other half or your partner etc. and see the effect it has on both your outlook and your response from others.

Sometimes it is as if we are half asleep, we say things without thinking of the consequences or the effect the words make. Words are a means of communicating make sure they are actually creating the intended message, not perhaps just your anger or frustration.

I read a story about a little boy whose friend had fallen from some apparatus and died. He was naturally distraught until his father suggested he was like a caterpillar in a cocoon, that would soon be a butterfly and soar into the sky.

Change your thinking and change your life. Make your life story as exciting as you like. Learn a language, take up painting, or writing; or start a business in your spare-time and earn some extra cash, I'm sure you will enjoy spending it! You are capable of so much more, make every hour count. Change your metaphors, learn to enjoy what you do, and enjoy your life. Life is an adventure where will your life take you?

I am building an online business, attempting to learn Spanish, getting fitter and hopefully losing a few pounds. What will your challenges be?

If you too would like an online business the easiest way to start is affiliate marketing with a coach, this makes it much simpler, products are provided in a range to excite your customers into making repeat orders; professionally written sales pages and marketing advice so that you can start to earn whilst you are still learning. Affiliate marketing is great fun and in the future your business can be grown to the size that suits you.

Change the metaphors you use daily and create a new adventure for yourself and your family.

The book I am reading is "Awaken the giant Within", by Anthony Robbins. If you want to learn more about metaphors, life planning, and achieving what you really want, you might like to read it too!