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Do You Need To Hit The "Re-Set" Button In Your: Career, Business, Life Or A Relationship?

You would be amazed at how many people are living in a "default" mode and are in serious need of a "re-set" in some area of their life. Let me clarify.

You are cruising along at 70 MPH in cruise control and you enter a zone where the speed limit drops to 35 but you just keep barreling along at your current speed. Hello - are you ready for a speeding ticket or even worse - an accident?

So - what do normal people do? They "re-set" the cruise control to the current speed limit to avoid the above and then "re-set" it again once they have left the slower zone and the speed limit changes. I know - a simple concept however - imagine that you have the same philosophy when it comes to life, your career, your business or a relationship? You most likely won't get a ticket if you don't "re-set" but worse things can happen if you stay in "default" mode not recognizing or accepting that some changes are necessary to live a successful, contented and joyous life.

What is "default" mode? Basically it's operating on autopilot where all actions, decisions and behavior are based on only previous experiences or outcomes and fails to integrate current reality or circumstances in a rational or new way into our now. It's when we let our past drive our present without regard to how, when, why or what we could do differently, better, smarter or easier to have a major influence on our current actions and therefore potential better outcomes or consequences.

What is "re-set" mode? Re-set mode is when you learn from the past but don't let it dictate your present or future. You are willing to let new thinking, mindsets and behaviors have their role or purpose in your life. It's when you are willing to accept and let new approaches, opportunities or circumstances blend into your actions, choices, behavior and decisions to hopefully achieve different or better results. You are not stuck in the past regardless of whether it was negative or positive. You are open to new ways of thinking, evaluating and considering. A "re-set" is simply refusing to permit previous choices, mistakes, failures, actions or consequences to control or determine your present behavior.

Why do so many people refuse to "re-set" some area of their life and remain stuck in destructive habits, relationships or behaviors that lack fulfillment or careers where they struggle every day to achieve success or achievement or even a certain level of satisfaction? Not to mention how many businesses need to re-evaluate - policies, products, services, markets, customer focus or any number of dysfunctional traits that prevent continued and sustained growth and profits.

I could answer this with a 200-page book but I'm sure you have better things to do so I'll limit it to the five basics.

1) Fear - the fear of consequences when making changes, the fear of the unknown, the fear of losing control, the fear of others' opinions or judgements of you, the fear you won't have the resources, time, patience or passion to make a successful change - get it - some form of fear is the primary driver in your life.

2) Ego - the unwillingness to accept you are not perfect, you are always right, you know best in all situations, the need to look good and appear smarter and more successful to others, a lack of humility - get it - self-righteousness.

3) Approval - the need for the approval of others, the fear of rejection, the desire to be liked.

4) Control - the need to feel you are in control of all things, all relationships all outcomes at all times no matter the circumstances.

5) Pride - the ability to not be the smartest person in the room - whether the boardroom or the bedroom, an unwillingness to accept that you will never know it all, be it all, have it all.

Yes, I could go on but I promised to stop here so let me ask you - is there some area in your life, career, business or a relationship that needs to be "re-set"? If so, why are you waiting?,-Business,-Life-Or-A-Relationship?&id=9388685