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Message From the Universe: You Are Not Far From the Top!

"Nothing's been lost, you've still totally got "it."

It's just that you enrolled in the "Double Advanced Super Thriller Program," at the same time as the "Can't Touch This Life Mastery Class."

Naturally then, since you aren't permitted to remember such choices mid-life, you're a bit startled to see the bar continually being raised on you, even after all you've done.

The Universe"

You know what you are worth so go out there and get it. Rocky Balboa said it best with his speech to his son about life. G-d knows the type of person you are so it won't throw you anything at you that you can't really handle. More the challenges you face, prouder you should be about how G-d perceives you. I understand that sometimes, when life is not fair, you always ask yourself what did you do to deserve this kind of treatment? Why is life so hard at times? How can you make it better and live life peacefully? It all depends on how you see things and how you react. If you panic at first sign of distress, how can you make the right decision about anything in your life? You want to stay calm and collected so you can understand the problem and take measures to fix whatever issues you are facing. There is no need to get alarmed because it won't help you when it comes to finding the best solution. You will always learn and once you think you know everything, you will realize that they is more to come. More to learn, more to accept and more of everything else. There is nothing you can do to alleviate the inevitable. When you realize you can't change everything, you will start living your life.

Many out there will be happy with the strict minimum, never looking to accomplish more. They will be OK with what they have and live their life accordingly. For each their own and there is not anything wrong living life this way. However, if you want more for yourself, expect to see the mountain getting taller and taller as you are climbing it. The bar is raised higher, especially when you want to reach the top. It seems to be so but it is your own perception and negativity that is creating this never ending challenge of reaching the top. You are adding more and more height to justify your thought process that life is supposed to be like that and I have to deal with it. Yes, life is hard but no one is asking you to add more challenges to yourself. What is the point of all that? Focus on what is existing and not what you can mentally add. Once you've mastered this process, you can safely continue climbing the ladder and eventually reach the top. I am not saying that the top doesn't require energy and effort, but not as much effort as you would perceive it to be. Take a breather, re-energize yourself and focus on what is in front of you, instead of what you think success should require. Just a few more feet and you are up there. Stay strong my friends!!&id=9462695