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Feeling Happy All The Time

Everyone wants to be happy all the time and in each moment but it seems like an impossible job for doing that. It might be so hard feeling happy all the time. We could be someone who is going through some tough times, or someone who is facing a problem like below:

  • My boss just fired me and this is so unfair.
  • My wife just told me our marriage is over.
  • I just had a car accident, my car was totally destroyed but thank's God I'm fine.

When we have problems in our lives, they present themselves in a way that makes us feel unhappy. So it's obviously that all people have problems. There is no one  without problems. What makes us special is how we face  our problems? Maybe we must try to find a solution other than thinking about them and waiting to be solved by themselves. We need to find the best possible solution for that problem. When we are facing a problem, we need to see the good side of it. Let's take for an example the last "problem" I mentioned above.

Feeling happy all the time isn't so hard!

So I or you, or whoever else just had a car accident. He was driving an expensive car which was totally destroyed. He didn't have any insurance coverage and for that reason, he won't get any refund. However, despite all this he was not injured and totally fine. This is what he should see, this side. We must find another viewpoint of that negative situation and in this way, we could be happier. We may be in another situation that might be not in our control, but we can always control our perspective, and making the effort to look at the bright side of any situation instead of focusing on all of the negative aspects you see will make you a happier person. I'm sure that each problem has a positive side. We just need to be capable of seeing it.

Another way to be happier in each moment could be by learning to embrace the present moment instead of feeling regret for the past or dreading the future. We must live and enjoy our present moment instead dreading the future. We must learn to appreciate the things in front of us, the good time we are having and we'll see our happiness level rise dramatically once we get the hang of it.

You know that humor is another great way to be happier in each moment? Of course, it is. A good sense of humour is a great inner strength. We don't need to be a comedian to use humour effectively. We must see the funny side of situations and we'll often be able to cope better. Jokes have a way of making worries seem less important. Making someone laugh, will increase our happiness level for sure.

We need to smile more often if we want to be happier. Smiling more often has some great benefits, like it makes us seem friendly, look more attractive, feel happier and less stressed. By smiling more often we'll feel more positive about ourselves and the world. It's heart-warming and has the power to cheer up others instantly.