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What Do You Long For?

Everyone has a longing or longings of some kind whether for love, relationships, success, recognition, approval or world travels. It's basic human nature. If you long for nothing in your life that you don't have or desire I'll wager that you are living either in denial, you have settled or given up on a dream, hope, desire or some aspect or even every aspect of life - you are existing day to day just waiting for your last day.

I'm not just talking here about goals, plans or dreams but the basic need to fill some empty part of your life. To long for can take many forms from a simple something to happen in your life today to a miraculous cure of some disease or trauma.

Why do we long? Is it pride? Ego? Arrogance? Fundamental basic human needs? Hope? Visions? Yes, it can be these and many more.

Over the years I have longed for many things in my life, career and relationships - some of them have happened while others still elude me for some reason. Do I give up - quit - keep waiting - keep trying or just accept what is and what may never be?

I don't know about you but quitting has never been in my DNA. Frustration - yes, disappointment - yes, regret - yes, but in the end letting these rule the time I have left seems to waste life - whatever it brings to me.

Yes, sometimes age, health and financial circumstances can cause us to reconsider our lifelong longings, but this doesn't mean they can't change, adjust or be replaced with something else given our new circumstances.

I am reminded of Christopher Reeves (the first Superman) after his accident that changed the rest of his life forever. But if you have read his story you know that he accomplished a great deal from his wheelchair, in fact much more than many people who can walk, talk, think etc. His story has been an inspiration to me when I have faced challenging or difficult times.

But what about you - given up on something? Just because you may not be making the progress you think you should, is no reason to let go. Yes, the dream or desire you long for may take a different path or have a different outcome due to unexpected changes in your life but this is no reason to quit, give in or settle.