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Your Abilities To Concentrate & Focus Can Be Your Tools For Success!

Your abilities to concentrate and focus can be your tools for success! Most people forget about these important abilities when being over whelmed each day.

It is really easy to feel overwhelmed because technology and other distractions have made it almost impossible to really concentrate on one task at a time.

The approach that many people use to deal with their work is to multi-task and while this is an admirable ability it does not do much for solving actual problems or creating new opportunities.

Every day we are bombarded by distractions such as the internet, television, radio and other interruptions when we are trying to work and complete an important assignment.

How much time do you spend each day on the computer searching the social media by using face book, Twitter or checking out the latest antics of the Kardashians and other celebrities? Oh yeah; how much time do you spend on the phone by chatting or texting? All of these events are things that compromise your ability to focus and concentrate when you are trying to be creative!

Perhaps the best example of the power of concentration and focus is sunlight! Sunlight is the one thing that promotes life, however, if you concentrate the power of sunlight by using a magnifying glass it can be destructive and burn things.

Taking the example of light even further with the use of technology it can be concentrated even further and turned into laser beams. It is unimaginable of what can be done with the human brain and the power of concentration.

You have the ability to use the power of concentration and focus your thoughts to create success beyond your wildest dreams!

When you are faced with a major problem or you want to create something you can utilize your brain power to accomplish anything you want. Try incorporating these steps into your creative process.

  1. Avoid distractions! Remove anything that will distract you; this includes your telephone, television and your computer unless you are using it to help your thought process.
  2. Write a short description of what you are trying to resolve or create.
  3. Brain Storm with yourself and itemize all the things that come to mind no matter how absurd they sound. Basically, let your mind loose to do the work it can do to provide a solution. Once you have identified or outlined what you are trying to accomplish let your mind wander.

Do not allow yourself to become frustrated if nothing that happens immediately! Once the seed is planted your mind will continue working on the issue and it will provide a solution sooner or later. Then all of a sudden the solution will come to you when you least expect it!

Learn to work smarter rather than harder!

Your ability to think and concentrate will set you apart from the crowd if you allow it! Learn the art of concentrating and focusing and you will find success and riches you have never thought possible!!&id=9435595