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Message From the Universe: TODAY Should Be the Day to Start Something New!

"Remember you once told me that if ever all of the circumstances in your life were aligned "just so," your soon-to-be friends were in all the right places at all the right times, and the financial markets, social climate, and global energies had all reached optimal points... you wanted to be gently nudged as a subtle sign that it was time to start doing new things, saying new things, and visualizing so that you might catch these gargantuan waves of change and surf to dazzling new heights?


Hang ten,
The Universe"

There is never any right time to start something, or find excuses that not all components of your life are aligned properly so you can buy a new house, or buy a business or whatever else that may come your way. The Universe may NEVER align things properly for you to take action. Sometimes, the way things do get aligned is when you start a new business and you adapt to change as you go along, that you create a process that will solve issues as they present themselves and that all solutions are ONLY available when you face problems. You can't anticipate any solution if you do not know what the problem is in the first place right? I have met people who started their own business with NO MONEY WHATSOEVER but still became extremely successful because they wanted it so bad. Compensating for something you do not possess will force your mind to find ways around it and still accomplish the miracles you were destined to bring into your life. Not everything in your life has to be PERFECT for you to make a move. Sometimes, you got to go with the flow.

We all have good intentions and live our lives around that principle. However, when it all comes down to it, we are stopped by fear, by concerns, by insecurities that stop us on our tracks and do not allow us to move forward. Many complain of being single, and not finding their significant other, and others complain about staying with their INSIGNIFICANT other. In the case of the first complaint, if you stay at home on Saturday night and avoid meeting new people, it might get to be difficult to meet someone that might peak your interest and start getting to know them better and built something from there. For the latter, staying miserable in a relationship isn't the solution either. If you both are unhappy, be willing to make a change by changing your environment, which indirectly relates to changing the person you are with. Take time off from each other or just break it off if you have tried everything with no success. Failing in relationship isn't the end of the world, but staying in one that makes you unhappy may be the end of happy living. What is the point? Who and why are you staying in a toxic relationship that can destroy you in more ways than others? Take action without waiting for that PERFECT moment to come, because it may never come along.!&id=9498037