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Message From the Universe: You Are Loved by Many!

"I had a dream last night that I was you. Doing all of your favorite things, with all of your favorite people, in all of your favorite places. I also dreamed that I was all of your favorite people.

Do you have any idea of how much each one of them loves you?

I didn't think so,
The Universe"

Imagine the Universe is choosing you as an example among the other 7.1 billion people living in this planet or even the other quadrillions living in parallel universes. I guess the Universe sees you as someone very very very special. You are walking in the right path, even though, at times, you may not feel like you are. You are working day and night, not sure if whatever you do will render the results you expect. The mystery is eating you up inside because of all the uncertainties you are facing every day. You know you have the skills and knowledge, but sometimes, it may not be enough to get to where you want to go. Every morning, you pray and feed your mind with positive thoughts so you can hopefully achieve your goals. You stay focused and not let anyone or anything stops you in your tracks. You have the right mind set to reach your dreams. Stay on this path, because it is the Universe who put you there.

There is NO question that you are being seen as someone with many talents. The Universe knows that and until you realize that by yourself, this is when you will experience hurdles and obstacles along the way. Know that you are capable of everything and if the Universe can see that in you, I am sure you can do the same. Many signs are around you, and it is up to you to open your eyes and understand the reasons as to why they are there. Even though it may seem too good to be true, it is important to NOT search for complicated reasons as to why these signs are there to guide you. Come to realization that they are there to bring you back to the path you were meant to be in and redirect you to where you need to go. Just stop looking for complicated ways to achieve things in life, and learn to simplify it by accepting things the way they are.!&id=9485318