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Important Success Lessons From Anthony Robbins

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Tony, one of the most successful persons of the century has something to say about thinking ones way to success. A common trend exists in the world where a person equates his net worth with his own self-worth. In a nutshell, this is a group of people who marry their identity with the quarterly portfolio reports together with banks and financial statements. Their worth is what they have monetary-wise. The truth of the matter is almost forgotten. Money is just one aspect in our lives that enables us attain most of the other facets. Money with lots of stress or accompanied with lack of comfort due to a workaholic nature may result into a less valuable worth. In other words, money is that vehicle one uses to meet most of their other needs, most of which aren't financial.

The common cliché that stipulates money can't buy happiness is all over us. The truth is that the biggest population will always learn the lesson in that message the hard way. Tony learnt it his own way.

Having grown up in abject poverty in a family where the father and the mother were always in constant and continuous fights, he used to depend so much on food he has asked from neighbors. Money used to be a big problem and even when he had something, he used to feel like it is not yet enough. This kept on adding stress on him.

At the age of eleven, something fascinating happened. This was a life changing event that marked a turnaround for Tony thus leading him to where he is today. As usual, food was not there in their house on a Thanksgiving Day, it was at a time when his parents were having a fight that someone knocked the door and this young eleven year old went to open it. Through a crack, he was able to notice a man standing with bags that were filled with food, enough for such a nice and big Thanksgiving dinner. He couldn't believe that.

To realize how such an act can entirely change the life of someone, six years later, at the age of 17, Tony saved money from his night janitor work. He used the money to feed two families on a Thanksgiving Day, one of his greatest and most moving lifetime experiences. It had dawned on him that there is great joy in giving and till date, he considers contribution as one of the six greatest needs of any person.

Regardless of the emotions you are trying to get or even the vehicle you happen to pursue- getting married, building an enterprise or business empire, travelling around the world or raising a family etc- six basic needs that are universal will drive your human behavior. A force of the great things people do together with the crazy things others do comes from these six needs. Every person has all these needs but depending on how one values them and in which order, the life direction is determined.