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Avow Your Independence - Esteem Your Best Qualities - Vow That Your Life Served Its Purpose

As adults, we decide that we will rely on our own logic and judgement to guide us, resolve ordinary challenges, protect us- AND, there is more to life than survival. Relying on family members or friends reaches its expiration date by the time we finish our education, or sometimes even before.

Avow to be an independent person, relying on your own ability to rationalize and think- it requires more effort and reaps more benefit for that effort, you'll be glad to see what your independent effort accomplishes..Accomplishing difficult or extraordinary problems is a great accomplishment, and usually achieved through independent thinking.

There are many decisions that we make that require independent thinking. Deciding that physical fitness has temporary as well as long-term benefit should be obvious, though oftentimes we may forget. We alone are responsible for planning regular activity and eating properly is a great way to be an independent doer and thinker for improved health and vitality.

We independently avow to our creditors that we will pay-off a car note or mortgage payment,on an almost monthly basis. We avow to our spouses that we will be loyal and faithful in our marriage. We independently avow to tell the truth and satisfy the terms of contracts, in personal and legal commitments. We can go a step further, and challenge ourselves to do more work,and reach even higher goals.

Avowing uniqueness or independence to oneself along with seeking balance in daily activity as well as in our work-life is a great way to surpass regular accomplishments, especially when we recognize our strengths and weakness'. Making and assessing our strengths is important. Knowing where we excel and feel the least amount of resistance is comfortable and our effort flows easily. Decide to mold and shape your life into a project that needs to be completed. We all have areas in where we excel and need little support and areas that need more work by cultivation or more education. Focusing on how to improve or fine tune our effort, in more challenging areas, of career or personal life, is necessary for improvement, challenging us to, gain more knowledge. There is one area that we tend to neglect- our favorite hobbies or passion. Deciding to pursue our dreams is a scary challenge, though achievable in our lifetime, if we make vows to ourselves, before me make vows to anyone else, we can achieve anything!

Challenging ourselves, in new areas of our daily life, is a great way to show ourselves value. Recognizing the value, in the vows that we make to others, is a great way to kick-start personal vows for self-benefit. Vow that your life is going to make a difference. The book that you write, unique invention, or beautiful peace of artwork will outlast your life and add value to your existence way after you and I are gone!

Give yourself a timeline for achieving your passions, before you get too old, physically unable or before you die. Make a vow to yourself that you will pursue greater training or learning to focus on the activity, or passion that brings you the most personal satisfaction. Practice playing your guitar; building your dream house, or go back to school to get your next degree, you'll be happy that you put forth the effort.

Allow yourself the time for developing the experience, expertise or skill in reaching your personal objectives is of great value to your self-esteem. Vow that you deserve happiness engage or seek more knowledge in the area or activity that brings you excitement and passion. Improvement in the pursuit of enjoying your favorite activity or passion requires you to recognize that you deserve to pursue happiness-without question.

Vow or promise openly, or silently that resolving hard or extraordinary tasks or problems is a great way to eradicate or release issues that cause you angst or pain. There is no need to deliberately accept pain as a part of life. If you can perform an action or recognize that avoiding your calling in life is not an option, you will be a lot happier knowing that living your life in happiness is easier than avoiding your desire to enjoy your favorite hobby or passion.

It is important to recognize that by improving your skill-set you make yourself more marketable in the job market or for achieving personal goals. Vow to be balanced, proactive;apply logic and reason, going even deeper into cause and effect, for personal improvement, helps yourself and others that are dependent on your success. Declare your commitment and listen to deductive reasoning, formulate a strategy and place yourself on the trajectory of where you can best excel. You'll reach your personal or professional goals a lot faster, and be prepared to reach even more goals if you live and plan your life for success!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!