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Success - The Key To Achieving Big Success

The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Whatever your goal, you can achieve it. But success doesn't come in one huge action. Completing a series of small tasks add up. Day-to-day actions yield small results that lead to big success.

Stop making excuses. It's a simple instruction, but it's not always avoid the easy way out. Sometimes, making an excuse is easier than doing the deed. It's easier to tell yourself you're tired and need a break so you don't feel bad about sleeping in instead of heading to the gym. It's easier to tell yourself that you deserve a break instead of studying material for your class. It's easier to convince yourself that you need more time to prepare your product instead of cold contacting store owners about stocking it for sale. There is always an easy way out. Avoid excuses at all costs. Making excuses lead to no where.

Do the thing you don't want to do. Completing the difficult task is a form of personal development. Remember the first time you went for a run? Getting through that one mile was hard. But your doctor recommended increased activity to avoid blood pressure medication. So you run, even on days you don't want to and you successfully avoid taking a medication. Goal achieved by doing the thing you didn't want to do. The same with doing something you don't want to do when it comes to your business or education. No one wants to read chapters from a textbook but how else will you learn the material? Reading leads to learning. Learning leads to passing quizzes and exams. Passing tests leads to good grades. Good grades lead to graduation. Success. The same with business. There are things you don't want to do as a business owner, like firing employees or ending business relationships. What's the alternative? Continue to pay an employee who isn't performing up to standard? Continue to order from a supplier that no longer meets the needs of your business? Although it's hard, terminating an underperforming employee makes an opening for a potential super star who can help take the business to the next level. After doing the "hard" things for a while, it is less challenging to do it again.

No matter how big or small the goal, achieving it is simple. The only way to make it happen is to take small steps. Stop making excuses. Excuses lead to nothing. Just do it. The things that seem hard require growth to complete them. The only way to achieve success is to grow as a person.