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Message From the Universe: Nothing Is Set on Stone!

"Just so you know, there is no harm, misstep, violation, or disaster, that cannot be amended, balanced, corrected, or fixed.

How cool is that?
The Universe"

When you decide to take a certain path in your life, it is difficult to be sure of its outcome. It may work out or not. You may succeed or fail miserably despite the feeling of confidence. Nothing is guaranteed in life, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean you can't change things that do not work. You may be walking in the wrong path for years and years, to finally realize that you need to change direction, but for most, they may say it is too late. You always have the opportunity to turn back and go back to where you started. I agree it may be disappointing, or aggravating but what option is worst? Keeping on walking on the wrong path or selecting a new one. You may feel like the choices you took in life aren't the wisest one, so why not start fresh and look for better options. Nothing is ever too late to change and you can decide to choose a different path at anytime in your journey. You built your own future, but mistakes will be made along the way and it is expected. No need to fuss over it at all. Instead of whining about it, get up and find a solution. This is how you progress.

The Universe creates a balance and it is up to you to take more from one side of the equation to the other, just like in chemistry. If something feels odd, pay attention and look for what isn't right. Analyze it carefully and add a bit more of whatever is needed to bring it back to balance. Your thoughts and actions are what creates this synergy. You can have all the dreams in the world but if you don't get up and do something to make them happen, they wouldn't be worth much. During the process of thinking about these dreams, you can tweak a few things here and there to maximize the probability to create new opportunities for yourself. Just like the popular slogan of American Express: "Sky's the limit", which applies similarly to the nature of your thoughts. Keep on moving forward and allow yourself to make some mistakes when needed, as this is the best way to learn. However, make sure not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again and expect different results to happen in your life. You know the definition to that one!!&id=9431287