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Message From the Universe: Wishing Upon a Star!

"If I could make just two wishes, I'd wish I could somehow convey to you the profound depths of my gratitude for every moment of your life.

I'd also wish that you could somehow know of your unimaginable importance, just as you now are, to the lives of so very many.

And, of course, I'd wish for even more wishes... Oh, SHOOT!!

The Universe"

It has been said where the Universe is composed of many galaxies, which counts up to all the grain of sand of all beaches and deserts across planet Earth, combined. Now that is a whole lot of galaxies out there. Obviously, this statement is based on an estimate since no one took the time to count of all of the grains of sand across our planet. However, that shows the magnitude of the size of our Universe. I can go further in explaining how the string theory (also called M-theory) but that might be boring for most readers. Either way, our Universe, or parallel universe is always expanding. There are period of times in our Universe, where billions of years occurred between a big bang and a big crunch. Some theory explains that everything started from a point of singularity before the major big bang that created what we see today. However, prior to that big bang, what brought the previous universe to this point of singularity? Many argue this point since our Hubble telescope can't see above the 13.1 billion years. What is left are just theories and arguments as to what started everything. We obviously know that a divine intervention was a part of this whole equation but can we explain what THIS divine intervention decided to start with?

The point is that there is so much more to learn and discover about our Universe. We are definitely not alone out there. The key is to not bother with the little things happening in your life and get depressed over it. You can decide, every single day, how you want or choose to feel, and live that day accordingly. You have that freedom and luxury to do so. No one can stop you. Once you have mastered that skill of feeling and choosing to be happy, teach it to others. You can share that secret of yours on how you allow ONLY the positive to come into your life and grow to be the best person you can be. There is so many wishes out there waiting for you to look up into the dark sky and share your thoughts and dreams. When believing in them, you put up that vibe that allows the stars looking down at you and listening to what you have to say. As long as you put in the action behind your thoughts and belief, NOTHING can stop you from making your dreams come true. Let the Universe manifest itself to you and provide you with the abundance you been wishing for.!&id=9496621