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Planning Persistence and Patience to Reach Success

Do you always achieve your goals and dreams? 12,400,000 people this morning are trying to find out how to achieve their dreams. Do you work with the 3 P's? Or do you let your dreams slip away into oblivion? Dreams are very elusive things we have to nurture them and coax them into action.

First whatever your dreams or goals you have to work out EXACTLY what it is you desire, and make a plan of action deciding how you can achieve them.

You have to decide what is necessary for you to do, when it will happen with a specific date, then plan how you can achieve it. Then imagine how you will feel when it comes to fruition. Dwell on this feeling with excitement "see" the end result, feel the satisfaction and enjoy the completion of your dream in advance. Do this as many times in the day as you have spare moments, also repeat it night and morning in your sleepy transition period. Make it the first and last thing you think of and you will be setting in motion your plans.

Next, every day do something to promote your dream, even it is for several years ahead, perhaps make a scrap-book you can add to. You will find your subconscious works in a similar way when buying a car, whatever model you buy, you mind notices what is important to you and you begin to see similar models everywhere. Let your subconscious help you achieve your dream.

Believe your dream will happen when planned, which is why you need a specific date. With persistence and patience doing everything you can to support your dream without too much willpower your dream will be getting nearer daily.

What is your dream anyway? Is it to change careers, go to university, travel the world swim with dolphins; Maybe to find a life-partner or set up a business. It could be anything, with planning persistence and patience you can achieve more or less anything that you want badly enough if you are prepared to totally commit to it and do whatever it takes. If your progress slows down check your current commitment, have you been lazy or distracted lately?

Working my plans as above I have achieved many goals, I have a little internet business, we winter in Spain, where it is warm and sunny. Years ago I earned a teaching certificate despite having no exams to my name 4 years previously. So if the need and desire are strong enough you can do it.

So does an online business appeal to you with time and location freedom, if it's your dream you can achieve it if you want it enough to commit to it. From experience I would say don't attempt to learn it all yourself, find a mentor whose teaching style suits you, and with their help and guidance you will soon be making progress and receiving commissions whilst you are learning the techniques.

Excellent products will be provided for you in a range bigger than you could achieve on your own. They will be tried and tested best sellers. You will work to a formula that has worked for many before you. Sales pages and perhaps email templates or banners will be provided too, making starting online much simpler and quicker. You will be part of a working program and although it won't happen overnight extra cash is always useful!

Internet marketing is suitable for almost anyone prepared to learn the skills required and use the 3 P's.

Best wishes in your venture.