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Being Mindful Of Your Thoughts Can Dramatically Change Your Life

Whether one's thoughts are positive or negative, they both have a tremendous effect on one's surroundings. Negative thinking causes one to hide in an irrational fear of taking risks or trying new things, therefore disabling numerous individuals and keeping them from truly achieving the quality of life that we as human beings have been taught from a tender age to achieve. Furthermore, negative thoughts compel one to seek for confirmation from their immediate surroundings that the universe is inherently full of evil and is a stressful and terrible place. On the other hand, positive thoughts are constantly seeking confirmation that the universe is a terrific place. By having a positive mental attitude, one can overcome the somewhat unreasonable confirmations that negative thoughts bring about and naturally eliminate stress.

With regard to one's psychology, maintaining a positive mental attitude enables one to seek out, as well as, expect positive results. Unlike a negative thinker, a person with a positive mental attitude believes that most of the objects that he/she may desire are attainable. This is due to the fact that their positive attitude towards life inspires them to take the necessary actions that are needed in order for them to achieve or obtain the objects of their desire. The negative thinker, on the other hand, bases his/her actions on scarcity and fear rather than on the possibilities that have been presented to them to change their current situation.

Critics of a mindful, positive, mental attitude as a means of changing one's reality believe that those who practice this belief are only ignoring the stress of reality. Proponents of practicing positive mental attitude believe that it creates a mindset of abundance. A mindset of positivity further gives one the capability to move ahead of their grim past and look forward to a much brighter future, devoid of the numerous constraints that are brought about by negative thinking. Individuals who practice mindfulness and have become equipped with positive mental attitudes are never limited by their fear of failure. A true positive mental attitude involves maintaining the conviction that one can transform their difficult situations onto a much easier, less stressful, happier, and more successful one.

There are a few simple tips that one can follow in order to achieve and maintain a positive mental attitude.

These are:

Realizing that one can control how they react to a situation

Although one cannot always control the situations and circumstances that they so often find themselves in, it is worth noting that one can control how they react when these negative situations arise. It is up to you to decide whether or not a situation will upset and stress you or whether you will take the time to assess the situation positively.

Always live life for yourself

Although it may sound selfish, trying to constantly be a "person or people pleaser" only works to cheat you of who you truly are. Additionally, having such a mindset only cripples one as it ensures that you essentially tie your happiness and feelings of fulfillment with the reactions of your peers and friends. Remember that you cannot always make everyone happy, which means that at some time or other, you too will not be happy.

Make a comprehensive list of all the positive aspects that are in your life

Having a list of all the positive aspects of your life enables one to always clearly picture the proverbial "silver lining" that outlines every dark cloud. It can be concluded that a positive mental attitude is the main difference between most successful people and those who stagnate in negative situations and suffer a poor quality of life.