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5 Weird Environmental Hacks That Increases Your Productivity

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

Similarly, before you dive in to your daily work routine, isn't it wise to make sure everything in your environment is supporting you?

Below are 5 weird little environment hacks that most people ignore when it comes to increasing their productivity, do not overlook them.

Hack #1 Ergonomic Desk, Keyboard and Chair

Not sure what "ergonomic" means?

Well, ergonomics is the scientific study that concerns the understanding of human body structure and how we can apply this physical mechanics into designing products that optimize human wellbeing and performance.

While this is not a new discipline of work, there are plenty of ergonomic office chairs, desks and keyboards that aim to provide as much comfort your body needs to work efficiently.

For example, do you have a comfortable cushion that supports your back? Does your chair contain a nice arm rest on the side? How are you placing your mouse and keyboard on your desk? Are your computer monitors adjustable to fit your eye level?

Make sure these money-making tools are supporting your health as well.

Hack #2 Standing Desk (My Favorite)

What's more important than a nice chair is the ability to stand while you work.

For the past few decades, we've shifted from being industrial revolution factory slaves to office-in-a-box slaves.

Our bodies are designed to move, not to remain sedentary. While it may be difficult to incorporate a standing treadmill desk, having an option to stand while you work is definitely something you should do.

My father is a brilliant DIY guy and right now I'm using his craft to deliver value to the world. I can't explain how much more energy I generate (especially after lunch) than sitting on a chair all day long and suffering from some butt hurt...

So a standing desk is definitely one of my top picks to invest in!

Hack #3 Proper Lighting

Simply put, dim lights strain your eyes and they will make you headache and tired. However, an overtly bright artificial light can also hurt your eyes and generates much discomfort.

So the best thing you can do is to combine artificial light with natural light.

Natural light can enhance your mood and it gives you an opportunity to look outside and relax your eyes.

While I'm not an ophthalmologist, I do recommend you checking out LED and incandescent light bulbs as they don't emit light in the UV range so they pose less risk. However, you should avoid fluorescent bulbs as it was reported that they might emit invisible UV light.

Hack #4 Quiet Room

Such a simple productivity trick but often got ignored; you want to find a quiet corner when you work!

Preventing any potential distraction is the first thing you should do to increase your productivity.

So close your doors, put on a headset if you need, and get focused.

Hack #5 Clean Desk, or Not?

Kathleen Vohs' research, as reference in Psychological Science, shows that an organized desk promotes making healthier choices while a messy desk leads to more creativity.

So unless your work requires you to be a creative genius, you normally want to organize your documents, papers, files and stuff nicely to avoid wasting time locating them.

However, when it comes to brainstorming, creating, designing, maybe it's good to throw papers around and bounce your ideas across the room!