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How Negative Thoughts Keep Us From Going After Our Dreams and Some Tools to Silence Them

Negative thoughts can come in many different formats:

1. Fear of failure.

This is probably the most common negative thought. It's the fear of giving it a shot and falling flat on your face. I mean, seriously how embarrassing? You know what; you need to get a grip. If every big thinker, entrepreneur and inventor was afraid of failure we would live in a pretty crap world. Those that take the biggest risks often gain the biggest rewards. So what if you screw up a few times on the way. Look back to the lives of some of the world's most famous innovators. Take for instance Steve jobs or Richard Branson, both household names and big hitters in the business world. They screwed up massively on the road to success. Look at the impact they had.

Don't become crippled by the fear. Look it straight in the eye and turn it into a positive. That fear can become adrenaline and keep you on your toes. It can keep the momentum going when your drive and ambition is flagging. Look fear of failure in the face and tell it where to go. You won't look back. Guaranteed.

2. Fear of success.

Not so common, but this is a true concept. Sticking to the routine and being the same as everyone else is easy. Moaning with mates is normal. Sitting around in the pub and talking about your big business plan is common. But imagine being successful and your business plan going to the next level. That would mean serious time and commitment, maybe quitting your full time job. This isn't your side hustle.

Taking plans to the next level can often mean a leap of faith, a leap into the unknown. People like to whine but they often don't like the reality of change. Having a monthly salary and a pension is safe. Start having to work for your own income or having others rely on you for their pay check is certainly not easy. Be brave and make the jump. Don't live with regrets.

3. Fear of what others think.

What others think can have such a huge impact on our mind sets and decisions. Learn to walk your own road. Perhaps your parents, partner or mates think your idea is strange or stupid? Perhaps you don't even want to share it with anyone. Those closest to you will care about you greatly. However, they may not have your best interests at heart. They may think a stable 9-5 job and saving for a mortgage is the ultimate goal. Yes that is their dream, and don't get me wrong it's a great goal to have, but life is too bloody short to live your life according to the expectations of others. We don't want to encourage anyone to start major family feuds but this is your dream. Don't be embarrassed if you have an awesome idea-tell the world.

These are just a few examples of the types of negative thoughts that can occur. There are a ton of other negative thoughts, lack of self confidence, fear of public speaking etc-the list is endless. We have some amazing tips to help you overcome those negatives beliefs so you can start moving forward with your goals today.

1. Visualise the success to become motivated and excited.

Visualisation is a great tool for getting ahead. Sometimes it can be impossible to see where you want to be. Take some time to visualise where you want to see yourself. Is it finishing education and getting a sought after post graduation job? Perhaps it's quitting the workplace and going freelance? It maybe running your own empire and having one hundred staff on the payroll? Whatever the dream is be sure to visualise yourself on the road to success and when you arrive. It's an exceptionally powerful tool. Don't underestimate it.

2. Read up on inspirational figures.

Who inspires you? Have you any individuals you really aspire to be like? We love a good business autobiography. Reading up on the lives and often the struggles of inspirational figures can be a serious source of motivation. You won't have to follow their path to the top, but seeing their route can help you on yours.

3. Block out negativity and jealousy by choosing not to listen.

You have decided where you want to be. Don't let the narrow mindedness and jealousy of others derail you. Human beings are simple creatures. They are self absorbed and often jealous. Be firm in your beliefs and attack your goals 100%.

4. Seek out positive influences.

This could be friends, family or an online community. Hey it might even be an inspirational Instagram account. I mean sometimes it's impossible not to be motivated by those quotes! Now you have blocked the negativity it is time to seek out the positivity. Print out an inspiring quote and hang it on the wall. Read motivational blogs and books. Listen to some podcasts and watch some YouTube videos There is an endless selection of positive material out there. Not all of it will influence you. Even if one small suggestion resonates with you and makes an impact then it's worth it. What are you waiting for?

5. Write down your goals and check in regularly with them.

#goals- probably one over the most overused hashtags on the planet! But hey, you know it makes sense. Goals are where it's at. If you have a vague goal in your mind floating around, how do you expect it to come into play? Here's the deal- it won't. It will be like those endless to do lists, plans to lose 20 kilos or run that marathon. That stuff isn't ever getting done. If you're serious about this you need to treat it with the respect it deserves. Take a notebook and write down your goals. Plan a realistic way to get there. Now don't just shove the book under the bed. Check in. Regularly. We mean weekly, fortnightly, whatever. Hold yourself accountable. What small steps have you taken to get a step closer to your goals? This tool is a great reality check and push to get you into action. Did you know that how you effectively manage and smash your goals is different for each person depending on your personality.

We don't like being different. Tall Poppy Syndrome, the fear of standing out is all too common. It's ridiculous; don't be ashamed of being different, being passionate and being inspired. Don't allow yourself to be undermined by others and their opinions.

Accept that those that wish to get ahead often take risks. The rewards will be epic. Push those negative thoughts out of your mind and keep pushing forward.