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10 Ways to Find Sources of Inspiration

Have you ever wondered how you can raise your spirits and be inspired - a level higher than you currently are? Fear not; nothing is lost. You have many places to find sources of inspiration and it usually comes from little and simple stuff. Read on to find out what I mean.

Here are 10 sources where you can get daily doses of inspiration:

1) Transforming your monotonous work into a good playing game

You divide up your work into parts and pace yourself all day to complete a part you have scheduled for the day. If you make it, you reward yourself by helping yourself to a bar of dark chocolate or a mug of Star Bucks coffee. If you don't make it, you miss your reward and work doubly harder the next day to make your day and eventually give yourself the opportunity to reward yourself. This game plan will work wonders, and you will be surprised at how much you achieve and feel inspired per day.

2) Viewing and staring at a rainbow

It's weekend time and it has rained for some time. Now there is a brightly colored rainbow in the sky. You nudge your spouse to go out in the grassy fields, sit down and watch the rainbow and admire. You snuggle each other and keep your eyes on the rainbow and be inspired!!

3) Cooking for your sibling or one of your in-laws

You choose a day to cook the favorite dish of your sibling or one of your in-laws. You make them happy because they relish it and feel satiated. You are happy in turn and feel inspired.

4) Helping a colleague at work

A newbie colleague is having difficulty with her tasks. You help her by giving her a few tips on how to get started. Her growing confidence inspires you.

5) Helping a child or an old man to cross the street

You see a child or an old man on your side of the street taking a long time to make the first step to cross the street. You help them, grabbing by the hand to the other side of the street. You have done a heroic act and you are bound to feel inspired.

6) Buying something lovely for your favorite child, or spouse

You are passing by a toy shop on your way and you remember your favorite child. So you stop and get inside and buy a nice toy. Or, you are passing by your spouse's favorite perfume shop. You shop a perfume for him/her. In other words, stop and buy something for the favorite people in your life and show them that you care and you eventually become inspired.

7) Being a little philanthropic

Out of your busy schedule, you find some time to donate to a cause you believe in. Being in philanthropic mood itself inspires you in the middle of your routine work.

8) Dancing to music beats with or without a partner

You have had an exhausting day. Put on some music in your music player and invite your partner to dance with you. If no one is around, dance yourself to the music beats. You will get back the mojo of life and be immensely spirited.

9) Pondering on Quotable quotes

Great people in history who have passed away or are fortunately still living have contributed to the world great quotes quoted by them. Mull over those quotes because they are inspirational and have a lot to teach you and stretch your mind.

10) Switching to Inspired Mode from Stressed Mode

In times of low spirits and stress, free your mind from thoughts, distract yourself, do something you love and then come back to your problem. You are in a better position to handle it and are more inspired to have it solved in an elegant way.

Summing up, those are my 10 sources of inspiration that you can take advantage of on a daily basis. There is no better way to go through life other than feeling inspired majority of our precious time on this beautiful planet.