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Message From the Universe: Reading Into People's Mind!

"Actually, it's not as if your angels can just drop everything they're doing and come running whenever you call for assistance, guidance, and love.

You pretty much are everything they're doing.

Before you even ask,
The Universe"
Your energy comes from within you and everyone feels it. This is what we call energy signature, everyone in the world has it. When you meet someone new, the one most important thing that attracts you to that person is their energy signature. Now, let's not kid ourselves. This energy signature is composed of many different features that one person possess, which can be both physical and spiritual. When you are attracted to someone, well, besides their physical appearance, you have somewhat of a connection that you wouldn't have with anyone else. You are drawn to that person for a reason you may not be able to explain, well, besides how amazing they look. Beware though as physical appearance may change through time as you grow mentally and spiritually. Nevertheless, that person's energy is unique and you want to get to know that individual in a more profound way. Once accomplished, it is crucial to always keep your energy signature in sync with each other as time may pull you apart. If, for example, you decide to take meditation and grow spiritually, your perception of the world around you will change, where the same world to your significant other is stagnant. Your views about life might create conflict in the long term, and disagreements will arise accordingly. This is the beginning of the end.

This is a very common trend among many couples who grow apart because one of the party decides to change their way of living, where the other decides to stay the same. It is important to always discuss these major life changes, especially in the realm of spirituality. Not everyone may see the way you do, which can create somewhat of a disconnect among everyone involved. Other areas where you can break ties with your significant other is when one decide to stop drinking, using drugs or decide to get on a diet while the other sticks with the same old routine. The encouragement factor is not present and one may decide to leave the other person because of this toxic environment. Relationships break apart for a myriad of reasons and I can go on discussing about them for pages and pages at a time. The key is to remember that when dealing with another person, especially with the person you love the most, is to understand what they need to make them happy. Work on making yourself a better person so they can get inspired to doing the same. Take initiative in that regard. Do not wait for them to ask for things to change. I know it can be hard to read their mind, but just give it a try. It may not be as difficult as you may think.!&id=9432490