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The Only 2 Places You Should Spend Your Time On For Maximum Achievement

We all know time is valuable.

Ever since we were kids, we've been taught that we should never waste time because life is precious.

We were taught that we should treasure our time with our family.

We were taught that we should enjoy school more because life will be tough when you join the work force.

We were taught that we should live fully, love openly, and make a difference today.

However, even knowing the truth that we can leave the world at any minute, how many of us are really spending time on things that matter?

Therefore, I propose that there are only 2 places where our time should ever be spent, especially if you are an extreme achiever who wants to "get it all".

Place #1 Your Production

The game of life is not to remain idle. You will feel empty if you don't produce.

We are meant to be creative beings, we are here to create more value for others and elevate the overall quality of life.

Productivity is the essence of an extraordinary life.

It requires you to accumulate and assimilate the wisdom from your ancestors so that worthy ideas can be passed along.

It requires you to push yourself to overcome fears and challenges so that you grow and become a more valuable person.

It requires you to commit to never-ending improvement so that you know how to leverage resources and produce maximum results with least money, effort and time.

Ideally, your production should be the kind of work you are passionate about, something that you desire to make a change so you feel a deep sense of meaning and contribution.

It is commonly viewed that people should spend 8 hours in each of these 3 areas: sleep, work and recreation. But I believe that it all depends on your life stage, your own desires, your passions and your lifestyle.

If you are at your early 20s and trying to build a 6-figure business within 6 months, working 40 hours a week just like an ordinary employee doesn't seem to be enough.

However, if you are already a multi-millionaire and things are going well in your company, it is justifiable that you spend a 2-week vacation to travel around the world with your family.

The point is that no matter where you are right now, you've got to engage yourself in the production process instead of getting stuck in the consumption.

The amount of time you spend there can be merely 2 hours a day or a hardcore 14 hours straight when necessary, the key is to never "retire in producing" but always allocate time and create something worthy for the greater good.

Productivity is one of the natural medicines to your well-being that you never want to cut out.

Place #2 Your Rejuvenation

I'm glad that you understand that in order to enjoy any fruits of life, you've got to work for it and produce value in return. That's why every one of us should schedule time for our rejuvenation.

Realize that you have a human body that works according to the natural laws of life.

You cannot survive if you lack food or drinks for a month.

You cannot survive if you jump down from the 20th floor of a building.

You cannot survive if you don't sleep for a week.

Rejuvenation is part of the equation that allows you to keep producing.

Things like proper nutrition, adequate rest, physical exercises, healthy hobbies, social interactions, having fun etc. are all essential to your optimal daily performance.

If you truly want to achieve as much as you can in life, you've got to schedule time for your rejuvenation too.

It doesn't matter if it's a 20 mins daily thinking walk, or a nice evening meal with your mentor, or a weekend mediation retreat. All that's required is a strategic planning of how you want to unwind during the day, the week, the month and the entire year.

Again, too much of a good thing normally turns bad.

Excessive rest can become an excuse for laziness and your productive momentum can be lost during the period. Thus, watch yourself carefully and get back to work once you've recharged.

So, these are the 2 places that super achievers spend most of their time in.

Any activities outside production or rejuvenation are likely to be things that are dragging you away from an extraordinary life.

Next time you login to Facebook, or scroll through what's new in CNN, or click to watch another YouTube video, make sure you know it's the best thing for you to either create or consume.