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What Should You Do Now? Whatever It Takes (By Katharine Giovanni)

Whatever it takes... an incredible group of words when you think about it.

I'll do whatever it takes.

To what?

Whatever it takes to pay my bills?

Whatever it takes to beat cancer?

Whatever it takes to become financially free?

Whatever it takes... even if it means giving something up?

I was watching Oprah a few years back and was told a story I have never forgotten. Two young men saw an oil tanker go off the road right in front of them. As the truck burst into flames, they pulled their car over and without thinking ran down the embankment, raced through the flames, and pulled the driver out to safety. Seconds after they pulled him out the truck exploded. The amazing part was that they did it without thinking! They told Oprah it never occurred to them to not do it, they simply saw a man in need and reacted. She just sat there in awe.

Whatever it takes.

Personally, I have lived by this mantra for years. Ron and I did whatever it took to keep our company up and running during a bad economy. I did whatever it took to survive stage 3 breast cancer (four years cancer free in June 2016!). Whatever it took to help our neighbors when they were in need. What happened when I ran into a wall? I did whatever it took to get back up and get going again. Sometimes I could get up by myself, and sometimes I needed a helping hand... but I GOT UP!

It never occurred to me to NOT run into the fire when someone or something needed me... I just did it without thought.

I've also been known to do whatever it takes to BELIEVE that I can do whatever it takes.

My husband Ron does whatever it takes. When my sons were small, he ran into a nasty undertow to save someone from drowning. He saw the lifeguard race into the water and instinctively ran in after him. He also saved two people from choking to death. He did whatever it took to keep our company alive while I was sick. Plus, he did whatever it took to help me beat cancer. He's done this sort of thing a lot over the years. It's who he is.

Whatever it takes... no matter what the topic.

So do whatever it takes to become a success and reach your dreams! NEVER give up!!! Do whatever it takes to be kind, loving, generous and warm. Do whatever it takes to help someone out when they need it. Do whatever it takes to spend time with your family.

How much should you do? How hard should you work? What should you change?

Just do whatever it takes.

Always leave people better than you found them.