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Reflection And Ritual

Creations, both materialistic and metaphysical are beneficial provided, they are understood within its meaning and context. Human beings, who are superior to all creations, have adept and adaptability to probe and extract values. They are also equally capable of adopting to variation in their existence. The changing scenario from ancient civilization and culture to modernity and human values needed serious evaluation. It means; the cultural acts and deeds within the parameters of humanity and existentialism hold prime importance. Therefore, the need of the hour is to reflect and contemplate on the message which comes from eminence of excellence.

We also knew from time immemorial that our live revolves around ritual and practices linked to doctrines and faith. The rituals, which are part and parcel of our existence, are directly proportional to our contemplation. These rituals are introduced into our faith to create passion among the believers. These outbursts delivered by the religious scholars, celebrities and politicians are responsible for creating euphoria. At times, it leaves its impact profoundly, and sometimes it is superficial and momentary. The important aspect of these rituals and practices is that it stimulates human beings' feeling in absolute and peripheral dimensions. If we do not reflect on rituals and failed to extract values associated with it, then it amounts to faith in the vacuum.

The impact of empty spaces in our lives is the result of incomplete and superficial knowledge associated with our doctrine and faith. Since we do not comprehend the importance of values of doctrine and ritual practices hence we drift in wilderness. It becomes necessary to integrate all the fragmentations of factuality within and outside the domain of doctrine and faith. By all means, it is not an easy task. However, sincerity and maturity and unbiased approach will resolve the issues. The cardinal point is the rituals, and practices link between doctrine and faith, which need to be understood unequivocally.

The most imperative aspect is to understand the main issue, as to who delivered the message. At this juncture, people should evaluate the speaker's capability and knowledge. His spiritual intelligence, in combination with emotional maturity and humility speaks volumes of his intentions. What is being conspired and transpired between the mind and execution of thoughts of a speaker is of paramount importance. If the good sense prevails, then the deliverance of the message has its positive impact. Otherwise, it takes a sharp descent into the incoherent society and degenerates into their weak fabric of doctrine and faith.

At this crucial juncture, people of different repute and understanding raise many questions. Their mind, voluntarily or involuntarily oscillates between, why and why not, permissibility and prohibitory, etc. This is the decisive intersection to contemplate and extract values to achieve positive results. The realistic aspect of life revolves around attainment and failure within the doctrine and rituals. Therefore, it is necessary to apply our unbiased mind and comprehends the context so that our reflection coincides with truth and reality.

A cautionary approach is required when evaluating the essence of spoken words from pulpits. We often got carried away by the personality cult based on hearsay information. Here, ignorance and arrogance played a dominant role under the umbrella of propaganda. The hallmark of their pursuit is materialistic attachments, power, position and status. It is an established fact that deliverance of the message has its impact if power and status are clubbed in the authority of the messenger. Therefore, reflecting on rituals becomes obligatory to achieve realistic values of doctrine and faith.