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Message From the Universe: Forget About the How's!

"However do you do it? You know, talk, and make such sense? Walk, and not fall down? Ask, and then know the answer? Aim, and then deliver? Show up on time? Always get by? Make just enough?

How on earth?!

You don't know how, do you?

You haven't got a clue.

And that's exactly how you do it.

You leave the "hows" to Me, as you simply focus upon and move towards the end results.

You got this,
The Universe"

OK, so you figured it out, FINALLY! You dream, think positively, work towards your goals and let the Universe take care of the rest. You know how everything works but by having NO clue on how EVERYTHING really works, this is how things happen. It might seem confusing at first, but this is how you experience the real things in life. The day you stopped figuring out or trying to find reasons as to the impossibility of this or that happening, you opened the floodgate for the Universe to take action and bring you the most incredible outcome you ever imagined. Yes, it does take discipline to force your mind to stop asking questions as to how you will get this accomplished because it is not your job for you to get involved in the HOW'S of your dreams. You just think, focus, take action, and let the rest unravel in front of you. Procrastination becomes an obstacle, and not just in your actions but also for your thoughts. Letting things intimidate you because of the amount of work is not the way to go. The HOW'S to be achieved by the Universe will come to a halt and the Universe will stop processing your thoughts. Avoid this at all cost. Change how you perceive things and learn to delegate the big tasks to the Universe. It is not that difficult. Actually, doing so will allow you to dream bigger because your mind will no longer be concerned about what needs to be accomplished.

Just like a computer, when you write a script/code, you let the computer take care of the task that takes too much time or that is too boring for your mind. You set up a cron job and the computer will repeat these tasks over and over again until you ask it to stop. Wouldn't that be amazing? Well, why not let the Universe take care of these mundane responsibilities so you can focus on what you find to be exciting? The Universe is a processor of tasks so ask and you shall receive. Do not bother understanding the logistic because you will be wasting your time. The complex algorithm the Universe possess is far beyond what any human mind can comprehend. Scientists have tried to figure out more about the Universe and its beginning and did find some substantial answers on how our cosmos works in the grand scheme of things. The truth is that they haven't even scratch the surface to what is out there, and chances are, they will never be able to figure out all of what needs to be discovered. All is based on theories since nothing beyond the Hobble telescope discoveries can be proved. String theory, what was before the Big Bang theory, is based on what they can determine to be the truth but can't really prove. Their job is to figure it out and let the scientific community know about their recent discoveries. For us, we just focus on letting the Universe take care of OUR how's and let ourselves grow and prosper. There is no real mystery here Ladies and Gentlemen, it is just based on a mental perception on what you expect the Universe to do for you. Focus on that ONLY!!&id=9461509