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Anthony Robbins on the Six Basic Human Wants That Necessitates Success

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1. Need One is Certainty/Comfort

This is absolutely the first need of all humanity. There is not a single person who values anything more than comfort in a given sense. We all need the feeling of being in control of our lives and to know whatever will happen next thus making us to be secure. Comfort makes us to be in need of avoiding stress and pain. It necessitates for the need of creating pleasure. The certainty need is thus a survival mechanism that affects the magnitude of risks one is willing to take in life, in investments, jobs and in relationships.

The higher you have the certainty need, reduced will be the risk you have or will be willing to bear emotions. This is thus the origin of risk tolerance.

2. Need Two is Uncertainty/Variety

When a question is posed: "Do you like surprises?"

What would be your answer? Whoever answers "yes" is absolutely kidding themselves, the truth is that everyone likes the surprises they want while at the same time detest getting the surprises they never wanted or rather those they refer to as problems. However, these unwanted surprised are still needed in life for one to put up or rather build those muscles that will keep them going. There is no way you can be able to achieve muscle growth-character- without the presence of something they can push back against.

3. Need Three is Significance

Everyone needs to feel special, important, needed or unique in their own way. This is significance and how do we get it? This can be achieved through the earning of billions of money, collection of unique academic credentials or being able to distinguish oneself with higher levels of education such as Masters or PHD. Others can build giant followings on social media such as Facebook and Twitter or even tattooing oneself all over the body in places not worth being mentioned.

What about Significance by Having Ballooned Problems?

Have you not heard of statements such as "you think you have a dirty husband, then have mine for one day!" significance can also be gained by either being more spiritual than others but pretending to be one can also enable one to gain it.

Spending lots of cash can also make another class to feel significant. On the other side, spending too little also helps you get it. Some people are known to have massive wealth yet they hide it and this is what makes them significant. Sam Walton, the late wealthy founder of Wal-Mart is an example. At one time, he was the richest man in the USA yet he drove around the Bentonville Arkansas area in his old truck a demonstration that a Bentley was of no use to him. Walton had a fleet of private jets that stood by.

Significance is a great money maker- Steve Wynn, the guy credited for making Las Vegas to be Las Vegas made his fortune through significance. Steve knew that people are always ready to pay for anything provided they believe it is the best. If such a class of people comes across anything which makes them look unique, feel special or be considered important, they are always ready to spend a fortune in that. A human being will always spend on anything that defines them as a stand out from the general crowd. This idea made him to provide some of the most luxurious and exclusive experiences that anyone can imagine in his hotels and casinos. Truly, these features are magnificently unmatched all over the world. Las Vegas has a name because of this.

4. Need Three is Love & Connection

This is the fourth amongst the basic needs. Love is described as the oxygen that drives life. It's what everyone desires for and needs the most. Life is felt by everyone who loves completely and wholeheartedly. On the other side, when love is lost, the pain felt is so great that a connection-crumb of love-is what many settle upon. Such a connection can be gotten through friendship, intimacy or just walking in nature. When all these fail, some resorts for a dog or suchlike pets.

The first four needs above are what are referred to as the needs of one's personality. Everyone has their own ways of meeting them. Regardless of whether it is through hard work, creation of a magnanimous problem or coming up with stories that will rationalize the problems, each person will get them their own way. The last two needs on their part are the needs of the spirit. They are not as common as the first four since not all do meet them. They are the needs that when met, a person feels they have fulfilled something in their lives.

5. Need Five is Growth

The lack of growth is equated to death. If someone is not therefore growing, they are dying. Whether it's a relationship, it may be a business or a family or even your spiritual life, if at all it's not growing, then you are not growing. It does not matter the amount of resources you have with you at your disposal. However much money you have in your bank accounts, regardless of the number of friends you boast of having or the thousands of people who love you, you will not be able to experience any real fulfillment. The main reason why we need to grow is in order for as to have a valuable thing to give out in return.

6. Need Six is Contribution

It may sound corny but the truth is that giving is the secret of living. If you get some good news or get some wonderful experiences, the first thing that anyone does is to call someone they can share such joyous moments with. This is the whole idea about life. All that one experience is enhanced by sharing.