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Time Management Tips for Working Mothers

Working mothers truly juggle with a lot of balls at the same time. Being a working individual, the women already has to deal with so many things like and when kids get added to the family it may seem as if you have taken up another job, a job which is supposed to be done round the clock, 24/7.

Shopping for kids, dealing with their problems at school and otherwise too, spending quality time with them; there is a possibility that you may miss out on something or the other due to your own tight schedule.

More importantly, working mothers hardly have any time for themselves. Here are some ways to manage your time well.

Be Organized

It is important for the working mothers to get organized but most of them end up becoming control freaks. The idea is to have a systematic approach to life and follow the same schedule every day.

You may use a small notebook to keep track of what needs to be done for the day. Use mobile alarms to remind you about parent-teacher meetings or any other important events of your child.

Tell Kids you Need their Help

Even though they are your kids and you want to pamper and spoil them you must let them know that you need their help sometimes to keep things running smoothly.

Teach them to pack their school bag, place dirty clothes separately, brush their own teeth, dress up for school, etc. Whatever task you believe that your child is capable of doing, as per their age, ask them to do it.

If they become too dependent on you then it will only increase your burden. By division of labor you will be able to churn out some time for other errands.

Stay Away from Procrastination

Try to cut down spending time on gossip and stuff you know well doing which is a total waste of time. Stay away from procrastination by getting into a habit of doing things now.

Instant Healthy Foods

One thing every mother is worried about is that their child should eat a nutritious diet. The hectic lifestyle of today leaves no room for cooking full meals. A lot of urban population relies on ready-to-eat meals.

If you are not able to cook proper meals for your child then choose quick healthy recipes over lengthy preparations. Muesli, rice flakes, corn flakes and similar types of foods can be used to serve out quick and healthy dishes which hardly take any time.

No Harm in taking a little Assistance

Whether you are doing it together with your spouse or you are a single parent, taking a little assistance from your own parents is not going to make you look like a looser.

If the grandparents of the children are willing to do baby-sitting while you are preparing a presentation for the next day at office; there in no harm in it.

Try not to bring work to Home

This is the most common issue with working mothers. Your ambition may tempt you to bring work home and get it done before the next day. But this is the time that you need to spend with your family.

Develop such an attitude that your boss does not ask you to take work home and learn to say no when asked.

You should be proud that you have the courage to manage both your child and your work. Do not see it as a disadvantage at any point of time.