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Achievements: What Is So Glorious and Satisfying About Them? (By Rosina S Khan)

Have you ever noticed putting consistent efforts into your learning processes result in a great fulfilling and joyous sense of achievement? How do you manage to do that? Read on to find out!

How do you actually make achieving great stuff a natural part of your learning processes? Below I cite two such experiences from my life in order to answer this question.

How did I start writing good scholar papers for conferences and journals?

This wasn't easy. I tried in one shot and aimed for Springer journals. My manuscripts were rejected. I tried native journals. Either I was rejected or did not hear from them at all. Then I read and reread the reviews that were available to me describing in short on the grounds my papers were rejected. I tried to polish my manuscripts from research point of view and highlight why my work was innovative, challenging and rewarding. Keeping these points in mind, I came up with better and bigger ideas until finally I wrote scholar papers that were accepted in international journals and conferences. It served my primary purpose of contributing scholar papers in journals and conferences but I also ended up getting a lot of faith and confidence in myself. Was I over the moon? My efforts paid off finally. Yes, I was extremely jubilant.

How did I successfully become an MSc graduate in Software Technology?

While I was looking for opportunities for studying abroad, friends in Germany encouraged me to go there and study. Accordingly I applied, faced the German visa here at home and finally made my way to Germany.

The initial steps were done - now came the hard part - doing the MSc. After two semesters of taking courses along with labs, I had to hunt out a company I could work on my thesis in affiliation with my university.

The company hunting process for my thesis was bewildering and challenging. Because every company either rejected or didn't respond at all to my applications. Well, you have to believe in yourself and stick to something long enough if you want something badly. That is exactly what I did.

Soon a company said yes to my application. I gave the interview and best of all, I came to know I would be working on "Databases" - a favorite area for me in my field of expertise!

It was not long before I was working on my thesis there and had fixed working with a Database Professor back at the university. Together with the manager of the company and the professor at the university, I made a good and brave head start into my thesis.

There were challenging times, of course, when I didn't know how to go on. But faith in myself and in God urged me to go on, beat the odds and make a victory, completing a prestigious MSc in Software Technology.

Having attended a beautiful graduation ceremony, I headed for home with all the memories, being happy and grateful.

This is exactly how my learning processes aided me in bringing about great achievements for myself, and I find them valuable and indelible experiences too.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, highlighting the points how it is possible for anyone to achieve their dream goals by sticking to fruitful learning processes long enough and how it always pays off.