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7 Keys to Learning How to Speak With Confidence in Public

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How to speak with confidence? How many people have asked this question? How many people have become stressed over a public speaking engagement? Public speaking can be a nerve-rattling experience, but there are ways to develop the confidence to step on a stage or in front of several people.

Coaches Should Learn How to Speak in Public

You would think that all coaches would be good at public speaking. Their job requires them to not only listen to clients, but speak to them with confidence. However, speaking one-on-one and speaking to a room full of strangers is an entirely different experience.

But, coaches should learn the art of public speaking. This will allow them to give seminars and speak at conferences and public events - providing them with an additional way to earn income. Every coach should take some type of class about how to speak with confidence.

How to Speak With Confidence

If you think public speaking is about reading off a teleprompter or memorizing a few topics and regurgitating them to your audience, then you really don't know much about public speaking.

The way you speak matters as much as what you say.

If you don't sound like you should be listened to, your audience just might tune out. If you don't sound like you expect and deserve respect, you may not get any!

7 Keys to Speaking With Confidence

How to speak with confidence involves many different tricks of the trade. They are easy to learn and remember. How to speak publicly with confidence is about learning these skills and then practicing them.

1. Slow down. If you speak too quickly, your audience will miss what you say. You will also sound nervous. Sounding nervous may elicit some empathy, but it won't earn you any respect.
2. Don't go too slow. Slowing down is important, but going too slow will put your audience asleep. It is essential to find a workable balance. All lists on how to speak with confidence will talk about the importance of slowing down, but don't slow down too much or you will lose your audience to their smartphones!
3. Eliminate any filler words. Obviously you'll always have a few, but the audience will catch on if you use too many of them. Say what you came to say as clearly and as concisely as possible. If your speech is three minutes shorter than the allotted time, it's not a problem; in fact, it may be more powerful.
4. Breath when necessary. Don't try to finish a sentence or a paragraph without breathing if you need to take a breath. Obviously the audience knows you have to breath!
5. The power of the pause. Adding a deliberate pause is part of slowing down. Putting pauses in your sentences adds authority to what you are saying No list on how to speak with confidence would be complete with the pause!
6. A touch of emphasis. Speaking in a monotone will quickly put your audience into a coma. Adding emphasis to certain words breaks your words into section and keeps the audience interested. You could be telling them how to make a million dollars in the next month, and if you were speaking in a monotone, many of them would drift off.
7. The last tip of this list of how to speak with confidence is to practice in front of a mirror - don't feel embarrassed about it. It's one of the best ways to get comfortable speaking and to practice your topics. Practice may not make perfect, but it makes your public words deserving of respect.