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Overcoming Depression Through Mindfulness and Simple Exercises

Depression is a serious mental condition that results from changes in hormonal levels and persistent life challenges among other factors. Dwelling too much on negativity also leads us to a state of helplessness, a feeling of being hopeless or worthless. Although overwhelming, this state of depression can become a behavior. Behavior leads to habits, which in turn leads to values and eventually affect our destiny. The good news is that we can overcome depressive thoughts through mindfulness and exercises.

While it is normal to feel sad at the loss of a loved one, staying too much on the thought may become depressive. Life struggles and persistent low self-esteem also cause depression. This manifests itself through loss of interest in most of the daily activities, loss of energy or lack of concentration. For instance, when you go shopping you might find the shopping basket full yet you cannot even mention the stuff you filled it with. Decision-making also becomes a challenge when you are depressed, while at the same time you become restless, easily irritated and fatigued.

Being mindful of your thoughts can help you tap into your conscious and subconscious mind to ultimately combat depression. You need to become actively involved in whatever thought you develop. Mindfulness also involves the concept of seeing your thoughts objectively in order to free yourself from the areas they may be pinning you down. This way you can easily identify what thoughts to embrace or to let go. It helps to ignore negative thoughts for at best they are only destructive. Be in total control over what your mind thinks when you sit, walk, eat, or wash the dishes and so on.

Paying attention to what is happening within and around us helps us to understand ourselves better. Mindful thinking creates the joy of seeing in a new perspective the things we have been taking for granted. Gradually, we begin to realize that our thoughts are mere mental events that do not have control over us. However, mindful thinking is an art that can only be grasped by constantly reminding ourselves to notice our feelings, thoughts and body sensations. Trying new things or silently naming thoughts helps them to stick.

Psychology also ranks exercise as a leading natural cure for scores of mental conditions including depression, stress and anxiety. Exercise is healthy as it boosts blood circulation to the brain and forces the body to release hormones called endorphins, which are natural anti-depressants. Exercises also help in reducing levels of immune system chemicals linked to making depression worse. Regular exercise brings about the emotional benefits of keeping the mind away from worries, promoting social interaction and building confidence.

Unfortunately, most people suffering from depression do not embrace exercises. The thought of undertaking chores, taking a short walk or visiting a friend is simply exhausting to them. Exercise does not necessarily have to be exhausting for it to be effective. To overcome this laxity, it is advisable to begin with small exercise goals and build up slowly. A number of simple exercises have been found useful in overcoming depression.