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Personal Kingdoms Can Crumble

Everyone feels that they are the ruler of their own little world -apart from everyone else. We decide, we act, and we make changes we feel are necessary. It is definitely a "high" because in our own personal planet, no one will contradict us, turn against us, and even try to take over our private domain. We are ruler, king, emperor, but maybe if we look in a mirror - we don't have any "clothes" as we parade in front of the world in our mind's superiority.

By the time we reach maturity, we are the combination of literally thousands of "little pieces" that have been thrown into the mix of who we are. Even without our knowledge, many circumstances, individuals, tragedies, and blessings have all become part of the formula of what we are at any given moment. Maybe we are truly proud of everything we have become, or maybe, like the majority of the world, realize that there must be some "tweaking" done so that the castle we have built fits the ego and attitude we have fostered.

In today's psychological world "everyone is great", and perfection has been attained and realized. True, if you are looking at the confines of your "little world". Think for just a moment - why do we take note of imperfections and flaws of everyone we know, meet, and engage with. Being honest with ourselves, have we ever met a person who has the perfection we have achieved? Probably not - but here is the crunch in the box of cereal. Others are doing the exact same research and coming up with the very same results as they check us out.

Perfection is truly overrated. If we are perfect then we don't need to grow or achieve or even experience anything else - because we have reached the "top" of the heap and we have no stragglers behind us. Then what do we plan to do with the rest of our lives - rest on our laurels, success, or expert status? Truthfully - boring comes to mind very quickly. If we are so perfect that we don't believe we have to learn anything, experiment with ideas, or even try different strategies then only boredom in the kingdom exists. This, however, can be altered so that we enjoy life as it is meant to be - not in total perfection but in reality. Everyone will pass on from mortal life never knowing everything, experiencing every-thing, meeting everyone, or even dreaming all the possibilities that exist in the atmosphere around our little personal world. Perfection is a goal but it is never an achievement - our very own imagination and creativity are set into motion to make sure that we strive for but never attain total perfection and until we realize this "human" trait, we will find only discontent, unhappiness, and solitude.

Every morning is a new beginning - but only if we open up the shades and tell the world that we are ready and able to see the untapped, the never tried, and the unexpected. We can make sure we are ready, willing and able to grab the horns of the "unknown" and see if it can be con-quered, if its components can add to the spice cabinet of our interests and enjoyment. If, however, we lounge in our belief that we are "perfect" then we might as well go back to bed and rest a bit more because carrying the torch of perfection each and every day is draining the energy out of us so that we will only languish away and our world of perceived perfection will deflate. No one knows how much time they have been given so why waste even a moment on falsehoods we have fed ourselves - instead lets taste the new delights that the world is just bursting with and then maybe when our hourglass runs out of sand we can rest with the words "job well done".